How Green Is Your House?

With more homeowners than ever looking to go green it is perhaps time to consider whether your own property is as environmentally friendly as it could be. The following are a few simple questions to get you thinking along the right lines.

What Light Bulbs Do You Use?

An incredibly simple way of cutting down on the amount of energy you consume is to switch over to energy efficient light bulbs. This won’t cost you much and will only take a few minutes of your time. You will then spend less on lighting your home and the bulbs should last a lot longer as well.  If you haven’t done this already then it is something you should think about doing as a matter of urgency.

Are Your Appliances Energy Efficient?

If you can’t remember the distant day on which you bought your current fridge or dishwasher then there is a good chance that they aren’t very energy efficient. Huge advances have been made in this area in recent years and you should be able to find a machine which gives you a better, cleaner performance and uses up fewer resources as well. It might be a reasonably big investment but you are unlikely to regret it.

Do You Waste Water?

Any fairly easy way in which to make an improvement is concerning your water usage. Many people have got bad habits which involve using a lot more of wet stuff than they really need to. There are some green products you can buy to help you with this but it is just as important that you use common sense when taking a shower, washing your car or flushing the toilet. If you really want to improve in this respect then you could buy a rainwater storage tank to give you water for the plants and look at the options for environmentally friendly shower head and toilets among other things.

Do Your Windows and Doors Let the Heat Escape?

A popular complaint in many home is that the heating needs to be turned up full when the cold months come around. This means using a lot of energy and it is hard to be green when you do this. In many cases the simple reason for this is that the property’s windows are not double glazing and let too much heat escape. By making the change to double glazed uPVC windows and well fitted doors you can ensure that you are heating up your home effectively instead of wasting energy and money. If you aren’t sure how to make a start on doing this then you only have to check out the website of a nig name company like Anglian Home Improvements to find out more details and work out what suits you best.

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