Home Security Mistakes That Attract Intruders [Guest Post]

Intruders are always on the lookout for an easy nights work. They don’t want a tough time entering a home and stealing your precious belongings, so they are always keeping an eye out for homes with poor security in place or signs of weakness in their location or quality of fittings. Here are a few mistakes that homeowners make that could cost them dearly if intruders were to spot them and target them:

Poor Quality Windows and Doors

You could have the best locks in the world on your door, but if they are not fitted well or not very strong, all it will take is applying the right amount of pressure in the right place and an intruder will be inside your home. The same goes for windows. Windows and doors to the front and back of a property should be double glazed and fitted by industry professionals so that you are guaranteed the job has been done to a high standard. If an intruder sees that your windows and doors are going to be a long, hard task, chances are they will be deterred.

Poor Quality Garage

If your garage needs maintenance of replacing, don’t put off the job. The garage is the first thing an intruder sees when he looks at your house as a possible score. If he’s looking for a weakness, and you have a poor quality garage door, there’s a very good chance he’ll be back to see just how weak it is. You can get great quality garage doors on the market that are solid and secure and last for years. It’s a very good investment and an even better thief deterrent.

No Security Systems in Place

Your home is sacred to you, so you should be doing all you can to keep it free from the eyes of burglars and thieves. Fitting a security camera and/or a top quality alarm system is likely to put off most thieves. If you are going to go through the trouble of having them fitted though, make sure you are using them properly and not just hoping that their presence will be enough to scare off intruders. You may need that CCTV footage in the future.

A Cluttered or Overgrown Garden

A garden is a good vantage point for intruders, especially if your garden is cluttered, overgrown or has a shed that is easy to gain access to. Leaving a shed open or in poor condition can give intruders plenty of ways to get into your property by smashing a window or using a ladder to gain access to a higher point. Keep your shed locked and your hedges and trees well maintained and an intruder will likely leave your home well alone.

Daley is a homeowner who works with SGG to ensure that all homes are safe and secure and protected with the best security products around.

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