Home Insurance for Home Improvement

When you look at how much it costs to get a tradesman out just to look at a problem, you can be forgiven for deciding to embark upon your own DIY quest. But the cost of a professional is actually a very good reason to re-assess your home-insurance (in-case it all goes wrong).

In order for your insurance to pay-out on potential DIY disasters, you’ll need “accidental damages” cover. This could add up to 25% to your premium but it’s less than the thousands you might spend on setting the damages right with a decorator.

It’s easy to make a mistake. Maybe you’re putting up some new shelves so you decide to drill a hole in your wall? But you forget that on the other side of that wall is your bathroom and shower fixture. Suddenly a simple shelving addition has become a mess of electrics and water – what do you do?

You’re not going to let your wall fill up with water, that’s for sure. At this point you’re either covered or you’re not and if you don’t have the expertise to deal with the problem – it’s going to cost you a pretty penny!

Trying to contain the water and electrics, you could easily end up in a situation like this:

We’re pretty sure you don’t want that. So in the interests of health, finance and property-aesthetics here are some tips to make sure you’re DIY-covered:

  • Ensure you have cover for accidental damages.
  • Ensure that your cover for accidental damages covers all family members.
  • Check the level of your accidental damage cover. Some policies will cover a wine-stain but not much else.
  • Check the caveats of your cover for accidental damages. Some insurers may not see a ‘pre-meditated’ DIY attempt as an accident. Be clear on the terms.

As always be wary of contracts with too many caveats and conditions. All insurance contracts should be well-written, clear and concise.

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