Home Awnings – Alternative Ways of Creating More Space

Are you one of the many thousands of homeowners who need additional space around the home but don’t have sufficient funds to build an extension? It is a common problem that many of us face and if this sounds familiar to you, then one of the best solutions is to install a home awning.

The addition of a high quality awning will create an outdoor space that can be used for a wide range of uses from a simple relaxation space to an alfresco dining area that will prove a much more intimate space than your current dining area. Regardless of the use, the addition of an awning to your home will prove an extremely worthwhile investment that will cost far less than an extension and can be fitted in much less time.

What are Home Awnings?

Awnings that are suitable for domestic applications are available in a number of designs, sizes and fabric designs with the most popular being a retractable sun awning.

The basic idea of the awning is to form a large canopy that will provide shade from the bright sun and protect the space beneath from light showers therefore enabling you to maximise the space at all times of the year.

How do Retractable Awnings Work?

A retractable sun awning is a relatively simple concept in solar shading. Housed in a neat and compact cassette unit that is fixed to the wall in an appropriate location, they open up to form a large canopy that will provide shade and protection from light rain. As the retractable awning opens, extending aluminium supporting arms move away from the wall. Within these arms is a high tension spring that forces them taught into a locked position (much the same as you elbow does) therefore providing a strong supporting structure onto which the fabric is mounted.

Due to this design, no ground supports are required therefore enabling the maximum amount of space to be free under the canopy for all kinds of uses and activities.

In terms of operation, they are available in both manual and electric operation and can be combined with a range of outdoor accessories such as lighting and heating to create an outdoor space that is suitable for year round use.

Manual Sun Awnings – Where only occasional use is required or where there is no power source available nearby, manually operated sun awnings are the ideal solution. Simple to operate, the awning is opened and closed using a crank handle that winds the arms in and out to the desired location depending upon the position of the sun in the sky.

Electric Sun Awnings – This type of awning offers the ultimate in convenience to the user. Operated via a small remote control, electric sun awnings will automatically extend from within its housing unit without the need to even leave your seat. Like the manual awning, they can be stopped at any position required. In addition to the remote control opening, accessories such as wind sensors that will automatically open and close the awning when the wind speed exceeds a pre set level and sun sensors that will deploy the awning when the sun reaches a given point in the sky.

What Sizes Are Available?

Retractable sun awnings for the home are available in a wide range of sizes depending upon you requirements. For large patios, a range of solutions are available in a wide range of widths and can be manufactured with retractable arms that project up to 3.5m. In comparison, for small terraces and balconies, awnings with smaller 1m projections are available in a number of narrower widths.

Choosing the correct size of awning is basically down to your available budget and the amount of space you have available.

What Fabric Designs Are Available?

Depending upon where you buy a sun awning will dictate the amount of fabrics available to choose from. At the cheaper end of the market there will probably be a limited number of designs whereas spending a little more can open up an endless array of colours and patterns to enable a perfect match top the outdoor space of your home and garden.

Where Can I Buy Sun Awnings For the Home?

When it comes to purchasing a new home awning there are a number of options available depending upon if you wish to have someone fit the awning for you or are looking to fit the awning yourself?

If you wish to have a professional install the awning for you then the best place to look is in the local newspapers for small companies offering this service. Where you are planning on installing them on a DIY basis, the best place to look is online where you will find many companies offering discount sun awnings at prices to suit all homeowner`s budgets.

In conclusion, the addition of a retractable sun awning to your home will prove a valuable asset that will enable additional outdoor space to be used for much longer periods of time.

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