For the Love of Stone Fireplaces

If you are torn between a gas or wood fireplace, here are some areas you might want to consider before making your purchase. Both have strong advantages, and when it comes to the costs, both are available in diverse budget parameters so you are likely to find a match on each side of the equation. When it comes to the practical matters though, here are the practicalities that matter…


Wood is so much more soothing and comforting to look at and many people respond positively to the sight of a naked flame. With the technological advances that we have today, however, gas fireplaces can also emulate the visual attributes in a realistic way, making it difficult to choose. If you want to go for something truly authentic stone fireplaces are the most traditional option available.


Wood burning fireplaces can be sustainable if local wood is used for burning and a tree is planted for everyone that is chopped down. If you live in a forested area then running wood fires in stone fireplaces makes more sense. Using a gas fireplace requires you to burn natural gas or propane, which are limited natural resources.


The technology behind gas fireplaces ensures that they heat a space really effectively and can maintain your desired temperature quickly and easily. Wood is more traditional but can be made more efficient if you use the right inserts.


Fires from a wood burning fireplace are very rare and are highly unlikely to occur, even without using an insert. When correctly installed and maintained gas fireplaces are also really safe and highly unlikely to cause any safety problems. The Health and Safety executive illustrates the risks from the installation of stone fireplaces which is certainly worth considering.


Gas is undoubtedly a lot easier to use and a lot less work to maintain than a wood fireplace which can be quite intensive to keep burning and clean up.

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