Fitting Real Wood Flooring On a Incredibly Tight Budget

Flooring solutions are one of the quickest fixing in the home to wear. The abrasive nature of foot traffic, the shelf life of the material and at times incorrect cleaning may mean that your property is due for a well deserve flooring change.

Prospective buyers are always wow’d by a tidy interior and fitting new floors, together with a few cosmetic changes may help achieve just that. If you decide to plump for wood flooring, it does not have to break the bank. Tremendous cash savings can be made by opting for a semi-solid floorboard that has click and lock diy friendly fitting mechanism.


Wood Flooring Types:

There are two types of wood flooring, one that 90% of homeowners are aware of and a new alternative that looks identical but cost significantly less.

Solid Wood Flooring – These are the traditional floorboards that are made from complete hardwood. The solid type suits most settings with the exclusion of wet or humid areas. Most homeowners are aware of the solid type alone and if your budget permits, these are fantastic floors.

Engineered Wood Flooring – These are semi-solid floorboards that feature a layered construction. The core is made from Ply and MDF, while the top contains a layer of solid wood. The use of Ply and MDF at its core makes the engineered type significantly more affordable than the full solid floorboard type.

Furthermore, the limited use of solid wood means that while it looks 100% identical to solid floors, it can be fitted across the entire property even on top of under floor heating (big ‘No No’ in the case of the traditional solid wood floors due to expansion) and in humid areas such as the kitchen and bathroom areas.


Fitting Options:

When fitting any type of flooring solution, the cost is made of the floor material and cost of labour, which can often equal the cost of the material. Traditionally, wood flooring was fitted using two methods that required professional labour.  Nail down and glue down methods are still used to date when fitting solid wood flooring due to the heavy weight of the boards. If you favour the solid type, you will need to hire professional fitters at an additional cost.

An alternative fitting method that is certainly novice friendly is click and lock. Instead of fixing the floorboard using nail or glue, each board is designed to effectively snap on to the board next to it. Engineered wood flooring due to its lighter weight is perfectly suitable for click and lock installation.

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