DIY Fireplace Renovation – The Ultimate Guide To Bring Your Fireplace Back To Life

Over the years fireplaces are subject to relentless wear and tear. Whilst the average lifetime of a fireplace is between 20 – 30 years, it’s extremely common that this wear and tear starts to take its toll on the performance long before the fire reaches the end of its lifetime. A common household fireplace will burn at an average temperature of 600°C which as you can imagine will put your fireplace under some of the most extreme conditions, truly testing its quality. As the years pass by problems can form, if they worsen you may just be left without a fireplace at one of the most important times of the year.

The cost of a professional fireplace restoration service can exceed £700 which is a huge financial burden, especially around Christmas. Luckily, this is not your only option, we have put together some of the best fireplace renovation tips ensuring that you can give your fire the care it needs this winter. Not only will we advise you on ways you can keep the fireplace functioning to its full potential but we have also gathered some interior design ideas to help keep the fire looking as good as new.

Lets living into the ultimate fireplace renovation guide right now!  

Clearing Out All The Dust And Debris

Starting with a quick bit of advice that you will thank us for down the line. Take the time to remove all dust and debris from your fireplace before you crack on with any more work. As soon as you start renovating your fireplace you will find out very quickly how messy this job can be. We recommend that you take a dustpan and brush and clear out as much dust as possible before you dive into any of the other tips mentioned in this guide.

Ash and dust can lead to your fireplace becoming very clogged up leaving limited room for the firewood, not only will this limit performance but it will mean that you have an unstable base to build your firewood on. It’s worth doing this after every couple of uses if you want to minimise waste and get the best fire started.

Giving The Whole Fireplace A Wash

Okay, now we have got rid of the dust and ash that has built up over the years, it’s now time to give the fireplace a good whip down. This will help to alleviate any of the burnt bits that have stuck to the inside of your fireplace and simply give your fireplace a much cleaner aesthetic. This is also very beneficial for the health of your fireplace as there will be a smooth finish which will help channel any smoke straight up the chimney and out of the property.

Replacing Any Warn Components

Once the fireplace has been comprehensively cleaned out and washed down its time for some health checks. As previously mentioned the wear and tear your fireplace is subject to may just surprise you. Often these immense temperatures can cause the interior aligning to your fireplace to completely burn out and when this occurs you could be looking at paying upwards of £200 for this repair alone. While you might not be able to replace the lining by yourselves it’s still good to be aware of this problem before they result in a complete breakdown.

Applying A Fresh Coat of Paint

Last but not least a touch of paint to give your newly renovated fireplace a vibrant appearance. Put a Sunday aside and go grab the paint brushed, its time to give this renovation a big finale. By giving your fireplace a fresh coat you can finally patch up those problem areas which have started to wear away over the years, giving your fireplace a breath of fresh life ready for the incredible new year ahead.

Of course, not every fireplace can be saved with a DIY renovation project, sometimes time takes its toll leaving you in need of a new Fireplace Leeds. As always your local showroom will be there to help you find the perfect make and model that ticks all of the boxes.

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