Design A Modern Outdoor Kitchen Space

Having an outdoor kitchen space is a wonderful luxury. A well-planned space can give you a relaxing place to spend time outdoors year-round. For a lover of modern design, outdoor kitchens are especially wonderful. This style makes it easy to incorporate kitchen features than make the most of your patio space.

Plan an Open Layout        

Unlike more traditional homes, modern homes often feature an open floor plan. While this can be great in any room of the home, it is especially beneficial to the kitchen. Breaking down room barriers in the kitchen space allows easy combining of a cooking, eating, and sitting area. When you are considering an outdoor space, which often means a patio, this is perfect.

Create a Kitchen Space and Seating Area

When designing an outdoor kitchen, it is important to remember that this is your patio, too. Think of the design as you would an indoor living space. A sitting and eating area near the cooking space always increases the space’s enjoyment. Outdoor couches allow you to relax outside anytime of the day – whether you are cooking or not. Building your stove and grill into a countertop that doubles as a kitchen island will give you the option to place barstools on the opposite side. These give you more seating and eating space.

Use Industrial Flooring

Popular modern flooring options range from wood planking laid in a contemporary style to the eco-friendly cork. While these are great, industrial floors are, perhaps, the most common floors to find. Concrete slabs or stark slate tiling is a beautiful material for your outdoor kitchen. The contrast it creates with the green space of your yard is strikingly beautiful. Additionally, it’s wonderful for the actual kitchen because it cleans easily, unlike a typical wooden patio that might stain from kitchen spills.

Include a Fireplace in the Seating Area

Fireplaces are common features in modern patios, and they are always included in unique ways. A fireplace is a great idea because it provides an additional cooking space – think cast iron or even s’mores – and it is an interesting focal point for a patio. Additionally, a fire allows you to enjoy the outdoor kitchen even in the colder months. Avoid the typical fireplace with chimney and instead choose an interesting fireplace that can be a centerpiece for your seating area. A fireplace in a large bowl or a fire build into your concrete will look attractive.


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