Christmas Is Coming: Is Your Home Ready?

Before we know it, it’ll be time to deck the halls with boughs of holly and hang your stockings up on the fireplace. For many, Christmas day is a time to rest and relax with family and close friends, but the run up can be stressful if you haven’t figured out how long it’ll take to get your home ready. Christmas preparations often include more than putting up a few lights and a tree; if you’re entertaining at your home you’ll want it looking its best.

A glistening bathroom

When you’re using your bathroom each and every day, it’s easy to become immune to the sight of mould, cracks and grime. However, there are some things that even a deep clean won’t completely sort out, and mould is one of them. One of the easiest ways to brighten up your bathroom is to remove old sealant and replace it with new. Buy a silicone sealant that is waterproof, flexible and has anti-bacterial properties built in; it should maximise its life without you having to replace again next year.

Perfect plumbing

It’s all very well getting your bathroom to look good, but don’t forget to make sure that it works too! It’s likely that it’ll get used a bit more when you have guests, so unclog your drains and make sure you don’t flush anything that shouldn’t be down the toilet. Leaking taps will cost you more money in water bills so get these sorted as soon as you can. The last plumbing consideration is to make sure that your central heating system is working smoothly for the colder period.

Safety and security

When we have expensive Christmas presents all wrapped and ready to go in our homes, the last thing we want is someone compromising our home security. Take all of the usual precautions like leaving lights on and keeping presents out of sight from windows. You might also want to think about installing a security system or adding extra locks to doors and windows.

Outdoor decorations

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the outdoor decorations though! It might save a bit of time next year if you put up some clips or holders using weatherproof stainless steel screws; A2 grade should be sufficient but choose A4 grade if you live in an area of high pollution or near the coast. Hopefully this will result in less time up a ladder in the long run.

About the author: Paul Droylson is a DIY enthusiast based in the North West of the UK. He likes the DIY benefits associated with seasonal events, especially Christmas.

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