Choosing The Right Doors For Your Home

When you’re decorating a new home or revamping your current abode, you may think that once you’ve chosen the flooring, wall colour and furniture the most important decisions are made. But before you sit down with a nice cup of tea, have you given any thought to the doors? While they are often perceived as serving a strictly functional purpose, the way internal doors look can have a dramatic impact on a room.


Open plan

Many contemporary homes opt for an open plan format. This makes the house feel more airy and can create a sense of space which is particularly useful if you regularly host gatherings or parties in your home. But what if you want to shut out noise from another room or keep a cold draft at bay? What if you just want a bit of privacy?

Stylish internal doors are a vital inclusion of homes, allowing you to adjust access to rooms without detracting from the overall style. Many believe hardwood doors are the only option but there is actually a wide selection of doors available in all shapes and sizes.


White interior doors

White is clean, minimal and contemporary – the perfect colour for a smart, modern home. The light colour can even create an illusion of space, making the room look bigger than it really is.


Hardwood internal doors

The use of wood to craft furniture spans across the ages and it’s easy to see why it remains popular. As the name suggests, hardwood is sturdy and incredibly durable but is also pleasing to the eye; creating a warm and natural glow. Check the extensive selection of Wickes or Magnet internal doors online, or to get an idea of designs before buying.


Pre-glazed internal doors

Lift a room by allowing additional light to pour in with pre-glazed internal doors. Bevelled glass in doors can make a house feel more open and spacious and drastically enhance the aesthetic qualities of your home.


Other considerations

Once you’ve chosen the perfect door for your room, you can start focusing on the more subtle design touches, such as home accessories. These should complement the existing style of your rooms whilst adding character and identity.

Keeping the foundations of interior design neutral and injecting colour and creative flair through accessories is a common trend. High-street retailers like Debenhams stock wide choices of accessories so you can redecorate on a budget. Match with salient design features like doors for a seamless style or add interest with quirky, eclectic options

Whatever your decision, the important thing to remember is your home design should be personal. Choosing the right doors and pairing them with accessories and other features is an easy way to create something beautiful and personal so it’s important that you consider all available options.

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