How to Build a Home Cinema

Home cinemas are the epitome of home entertainment. For film fans, sports fans or anyone who likes to be witness to a spectacle of the highest quality, not many things can beat the huge screen, crystal clear picture and immersive audio of the cinema experience. You may think that home cinemas are reserved exclusively for […]

Remodel Renovation

Renovating the House- 4 Essential Tips

Renovating the house is not a walk in the park; just ask the 2012 winners of the Telegraph Homebuilding & Renovating Awards. The event celebrates the best in British self-build, and the front-runners have had to endure blood, sweat and tears in order to create spectacular masterpieces. The overall winner, Tim and Ceridwen Coulson, from […]

Kitchen Remodel

Five Kitchen Renovation Mistakes To Avoid

A kitchen renovation is one of the most expensive home improvement projects you will ever undertake. It is also, of course, one of the most important, since a properly functioning kitchen is essential to the functioning of the whole household. For both these reasons, mistakes made in the process of renovation can be disastrous, yet […]

Basement Remodel

Turning Your Basement Into An Entertainment Lounge [Guest Post]

Basement is often an ignored part of the house. Majority of us use it just as a storage space. However, basement when utilized properly can be turned into a very useful space. A basement can be turned into a small additional bedroom or a study or an entertainment lounge. In my opinion the best way to […]

Bathroom Remodel

Steps Towards Remodelling Your Bathroom [Guest Post]

Remodelling your bathroom is a rare home project that incurs large expense and equally a huge return. As per your experience and budget with do-it-yourself projects, it is possible to do all or some of the work by yourself. Completing a step-by-step remodelling project of your bathroom is generally a function of enthusiasm, patience and planning. […]

Interior Remodel

5 Tips To Keep In Mind When Seeking Bids For A Home Remodel [Guest Post]

90% of “ad-on” work can be avoided in the bidding process.  Always write out a detailed description of the work you are looking to have performed, and provide it to ALL contractor’s bidding the job.  If the scope changes during a “walk through” with one bidding contractor, be sure to call other bidders to convey the changes.  You […]