Capture The Sun With Modern Double Glazing

With advances in modern technology and continuous scientific innovation often comes great change, double glazing glass is no exception to this. Windows were once purely inventions of necessity; a way to get light into a home however, with modern life there is a need for more modern solutions that carry modern benefits. At first this meant moving from the use of a single glass pane to the use of double glazed windows, the extra glass still allows light to enter but reduces the amount of heat that can escape. Now however, double glazing alone is not enough. Instead a new innovation was needed that focuses on the glass itself rather than purely increasing the quantity (and cost) of glass used in each windows unit.

This latest innovation in glass production involves the use of a special coating to create a low emissivity glass. This coating makes the glass very effective at capturing energy from the sun while at the same time making sure that any internal heat cannot escape through improved thermal insulation. By capturing energy directly from the sun and ensuring that this energy cannot escape, these new windows allow for solar heat gain which means that more often than not the windows actually produce energy rather than simply try to avoid the loss of it.

There are many other ways in which glass has been constantly improved though new production process. One such technique involves creating a glass product that is clearer and contains fewer imperfections than normal glass. This is achieved by using high quality, low iron sand which ultimately creates a far purer form of glass. The benefit of using this glass is that it is effectively more see through than standard glass; more light (and therefore heat) can pass through into the home.

When all of these innovations are put together in one double glazed unit the results are quite incredible. The end product allows increased levels of light and heat into the home while at the same time stopping almost all heat transfer to the outside; the windows go from simply cutting the amount of energy usage to producing small amounts of energy.

When you are thinking about replacing your homes windows make sure that you contact your local double glazing installers in order to find out about the best possible glass products for your home. The installers are very experienced and will always know of the latest glass innovations to ensure that you are always getting the most efficient glass for your windows to help save you money instantly on your energy bills.

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