Brits in the bathroom

The bathroom is often the central point of a home, with every member of a household spending plenty of time there. From getting ready for work or a night out to simply unwinding after a long day, a bathroom suite is a key area for the whole family.

But just how do we behave in the bathroom, and what do we do that drives our loved ones mad? Leading online bathroom provider Screwfix Bathrooms decided to find out, conducting a study into the habits of Brits in the bathroom. Here’s what they found:


So, how many deadly bathroom sins have you committed? Have the findings made you paranoid about who may be snooping through your cupboards? Some new furniture could be in order to ensure that any attempt to go undercover in your cupboard is unsuccessful.

The correct way of hanging toilet paper spared a ferocious debate, with 68 per cent of people admitting that a roll hanging in the opposite way to usual would frustrate them. With so many potential annoyances coming from our actions in the bathroom, redesigning your suite to add a touch of serenity could be the perfect way to avoid bathroom related conflict.

Finally, if you were shocked by just how long we spend in our lifetimes getting ready, consider the fact that men spend around 3,000 hours in a lifetime shaving, which is enough time to shear roughly six thousand sheep!

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