Brighten Up Your Home With A Mirror

As well as their obvious reflective ability for checking out your appearance, mirrors can be also be used in the home to create an illusion of light and space, whilst also adding a focal point to your room and having highly decorative abilities.

If your room feels like it needs brightening up and some energy adding to it, rather than investing time and money into redecorating the entire room, you might consider adding a well-positioned mirror. The right mirror, in the right place can transform a room.

Available space – The first thing you need to consider is where a mirror could go in your room. This may mean moving existing items such as artwork, clocks or photographs, or you may already have a clear wall that would be ideal for a nice large mirror. Consider focal points such as over a fireplace, at the end of a hallway, behind a bed and so forth. Once you have the ideal space, this will help you determine the size of the mirror you can opt for, as to brighten a room with your mirror you need as large a mirror as the décor of your room can take. It may be that wall space is limited and so a freestanding mirror is your only option.

Time of day – Think about the time of day that you will be using the room and consider whether any natural light comes into the room at this particular time of the day. If space permits, position a mirror so that the light shines on as much of the mirror surface as possible. The mirror will then bounce this natural light into the room, helping to brightening in the best way possible, with natural light. Using mirrors with bevels or multiple pieces of glass will help to maximize the spread of light, reflecting the rays back at various angles.

Mirror design – Mirrors come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, designs and colours. Of course when considering the design of your mirror, you need one that compliments the design style of your room, though still bear in mind that the purpose of the mirror is to lift and brighten the décor. Dark coloured, thick and heavy frames should therefore be avoided. Instead opt for fine frames finished in white, silver or light colours, so that as much glass can been as possible. Better, select a glass framed mirror so that the mirror retains style but you also gain maximum reflective quality.

Position of lights – It may be that your room has limited natural light, or that your primary use of the room is at night and you are therefore reliant on artificial lighting to illuminate the space. In order to use artificial lighting to help brighten your home, you should position lights so that they point towards the corners of the room at the ceiling, this will help to lift and open the room. Much like with natural light you should take note of where the light falls within the room and position a mirror to pick up and reflect the light back out into the room. Do not shine a light directly into a mirror as this will reflect a dazzling light straight back out and will be blinding to anyone nearby. Likewise a picture uplighter under a mirror does not brighten a room, in fact it has the opposite effect as it focuses the light in that one place, drawing the room in to that focal point.

By following these simple steps, a mirror is therefore a great way to help brighten your home. It is relatively inexpensive, can have terrific aesthetic qualities and the additional light can give the illusion of additional space.
Author Bio:Jo Betts – interior design enthusiast and professional, who loves sharing her thoughts and knowledge about design. Jo also owns an online mirror store:

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