Be Safe When You Are Maintaining Your Roof

Before you consider doing anything to your roof like sort out the shingles or clean the guttering you should make sure that you have your roof safety rules down! Even the simplest job can be hazardous to your safety when you are working that high up, even if it’s a one story property.

Even all you people out there who are experience D.I.Y-er’s should still do everything to ensure that you reduce the risk of ending up in hospital. So not only will you be in hospital you will still have a damaged roof.


Wear the right shoes

This might seem like common sense, but it’s worth pointing out that you have to make sure you wear the proper shoes or boots. I would recommend anything with a great deal of grip on, preferably boots with rubber soles for that extra grip to make sure that you stay on the roof for longer than one step. You should make sure that the tread is there because the risk is too high, Excuse the pun!.

Clean it up

So you have the right foot-wear on. There is no way your falling of that roof unless you get pushed or you jump. So before you decide to actually do any maintenance to the roof you should make sure that you give the roof a good clean. Make sure you can clear all the built up dirt and different debris that is up there.

Wear a safety Harness

I think this is defiantly the most important. No doubt you will have people that will be reading this post thinking “my old shoes will be fine” or “I don’t need to clean my roof, its ok” but without the safety harness, as crude as it sounds I guarantee you are going to injure yourself. When those boots you’ve had for 20 years don’t grip and you slip, this harness will be there to stop you from falling. If you are only going to listen to one thing make sure it is this!

Use Gutter Guard

One way to keep your ladder safe and steady and to keep your gutters protected as you’re up on the roof is by using a gutter-guard. The gutter-guard basically consists of any scrap piece of wood or plywood that you fasten to the roof deck, put a notch in it, lean the ladder legs against the notch and tie in place

Have Toe Holds

“What are toe holds?” I hear you ask. Well my friend they are rather simple, they are literally 2 piece of wood. Preferably wood that won’t break with a bit of pressure. And when you have them nail them into the roof which in turn is another measure to prevent you slipping. As soon as you have finished with them just simply remove them. If I where you I would keep them for the next time, and save the money that may go towards the roof.

Tip Avoid Watery Roofs

Whenever there’s been on your roof (whether it’s rain, snow, ice, dew or the first frost of the year), just put your work on hold until the roof dries (or thaws, as the case may be). For this reason, do not undertake roof work in the winter, unless it’s an emergency.

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