Analysing Kitchen Worktops

A worktop provides a platform not only for cooking but for socializing too. Kitchen worktop is certainly the most frequented place in a kitchen. So, aesthetic, durability and functionality are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing the right material for a worktop. A countertop ought to match and enhance the ambiance and style of a given room. Here are some of the kitchen worktops along with their pros and cons.

Granite Countertops
These countertops offer an elegant and charming look to your kitchen. Cleaning them is easy and it is possible to regularly wash them. Stones make the countertops have some classic look. Moreover, these countertops are long lasting. There are different colours of the granite countertops requiring little maintenance and will never be damaged as a result of heat. Putting hot utensils on the granite never affects it. When it comes to their drawbacks, the granite countertops are always expensive and will develop cracks if not properly installed. They are also prone to scratches.

Engineered Stone

Engineered stones, which are artificially made with quartz, are used in making kitchen countertops. They are highly resistant to acid, scratches or stains. Whenever you settle for a large kitchen countertop, the lines or furrows that join the stones will be visible since the stones are artificially made. They are heavier as compared to granite countertops and require professional installation.

Ceramic Countertops
These countertops are heat-resistant and require easy installation. Ceramic tiles usually scratch and could chip or crack. There are ceramic tile counterparts of different prices and colours. Custom ceramic tiles and hand-painted ceramic tiles are expensive. Normal ceramic tiles are on the other hand inexpensive and offer an elegant look to your kitchen.

Laminate Countertops
They are the cheapest among all countertops. They are of different shades and colours are artificially made. They are easy to install and durable. One major drawback of these types of countertops is their less resistance to heat and the colour of laminates could fade with time. The furrows or seams are easily seen in laminate countertops. It is not possible to repair the scratches, chips and cuts found on laminates. The laminate seals need to be properly sealed.
Glass Countertops

They form part of the modern worktop trend. Glass countertops are in translucent colours. The opaque countertops feature an opaque coating on a single glass side. It is difficult to clean and keep the glass countertops spotless. They are robust and durable since they carry much weight. It is not possible to repair the scratches and cracks and the glass could permanently break when a skillet or pan drops on it.

Concrete countertops

These countertops require professional installation and are expensive. They have seams and need proper sealing due to the porous nature of concrete. However, they last longer if properly handled. They may get discoloured upon exposure to heat.
Considering the kitchen worktop options given above, granite worktop stands out as the best one. The high cost of granite worktops will certainly payoff after decades with regard to cleanliness, aesthetics, durability and low maintenance.

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