Alternative Uses for a Stairlift

If you have a stairlift installed in your home, chances are you have used it for other household chores. Although it is advised that stairlifts are not used for anything more than transporting people up and down a flight of stairs, there are certain perks to having a mobility aide at your disposal. We are not advocating allowing the grandkids to ride your stairlift like a rollercoaster, or encouraging stairlift races but we have scoured the internet to find alternative uses for your lift.

We’ve heard of pampered pooches but this takes it to another level, if your dog struggles with the stairs or you simply don’t want Fido messing up the carpet, why not give them a lift? One company has actually created a canine stairlift, no word as yet as to whether it is bark operated but it is fully o-paw-rational (no prizes for that pun).stair2

It’s not just dogs that are getting in on the stairlift craze; their feline counterparts have also been spotted taking a lazy trip up and down the stairs. Although we’re bit sure why this cat would risk one it’s 9 lives trying to operate a stairlift, we can only assume that it’s doing so safely and following all of the guidelines.


Many people also find that stairlifts are ideal for transporting large loads of washing or other household items between floors, if you struggle carrying the laundry basket then why not utilise the technology? As long as the load does not exceed the maximum weight restrictions of the stairlift and is securely placed on the seat, it is a great time saver.

Of course stairlifts are not all fun and games, in fact for many people they are an essential part of day to day life when dealing with illness or disability. Modern technology has led to the creation of mobility options that are both practical and stylish, fitting in with home décor and compact enough to be pushed to the side when not in use.

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