Adding More Cupboard and Storage Space to New Homes [Guest Post]

One of the many things that only become apparent once you have moved into your new home and started unpacking is a lack of cupboards and other storage space. You may have made a mental note to look into adding some shelving there or some hooks here, but somewhere during the exciting and daunting moving process, that thought got cast to the back of your mind. Part of the fun of buying a house is of course the chance to revamp and redecorate however, which means that you can create more space in your home to keep things organised.

Before you get started, take a walk around your home and determine your current storage options as well as the overall space that you have to work with. If you have sufficient space, you could have built-in cupboards fitted or even invest in a free-standing cupboard or two. If you have a smaller space however, even a few extra shelves can make the world of difference.

Space Saving Solutions for Your New Home

Now that you have some idea of what storage options you wish to implement, you will need to get all the supplies you need together. Pre-made shelving and cupboards can be simpler to install, while those who relish the thought of a good DIY project can source wood to make unique items instead. Other things you will need include wood glue, hammer, nails, screwdriver, drill and brackets. Some space saving ideas that you could consider include the following:

  • Wall mounted shelves – these are ideal for smaller homes, and are great for living rooms, studies, children’s rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and even dining rooms. You can also add shelves at varying levels for visual impact, to store just about anything from books to glassware and everything in between. Brackets are essential, while durable, thick-cut wood is also vital to keep the shelf sturdy.
  • Wall cabinets – these can be purchased pre-made or even made especially for you according to your wall measurements. Many wall cabinets have space for televisions and sound systems, while others can function as mini-bars or display cases. Always make sure that you do careful measurements of the wall area before ordering any units – the last thing you want is a cabinet that is too big for the room.
  • Dual use storage – either look out for specially created items that offer storage and functionality, such as storage ottomans, coffee tables with hidden drawers or even drawers that can be fitted under beds, or make your own. Dining tables can be updated with discreet shelves or even wine racks, hooks can be added to kitchen cabinets for cups and pots, wooden sliding drawers can be kept under beds and unwanted bookshelves can be reborn as display cases.

The best part about moving into a brand new home is the possibilities that lie in wait. Creating the exact space you want may not happen overnight, but with enough creativity, vision and of course, good old fashioned elbow grease, you will be able to tailor your new home to your needs perfectly.


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