Access Control Devices to lookout for in 2014

Locksonline are a security retailers, hailing from the UK and have been in the business for over 15 years. Their MD Darrel Walters is a locksmith and has 25 years experience himself.

In this article, we are going to go over some access control devices for your business that would of been deemed futurism just a few years back. These devices maintain a nice balance between high security and convenience. We have a lot of enquirys as to the best type of locking solution in this catagory so we have compiled a list of what we think are some of the best.


GSM Switch

These have been designed and manufactered by GM techtronics/Daitem. They provide an excellent and convinient form of access control that works in conjunction with your mobile phone. During installation you are able to set up trusted numbers, then when a call or text is placed from a trusted number a signal is sent to the GSM switch which opens your door for a period of time set by you. Extra kudos for combining this with Siris voice application, saving your number as door, allowing you to voice operate access to your home of office! RRP £125 + VAT


Wireless Door Intercom

This model is also a GM techtronic/Daitem access control device. These kits allow you to install up to 4 intercoms per office or home, which allows communcation between the system. The main feature of these intercoms are its ability to send open and close or on/off signals to doors and lights. This allows you to remotely provide access control to restricted areas or simply front doors as well as being extremely convinient. RRP £444.30 + VAT


Electrical locks

Electric locks such as the Yale Digital Keyless lock give you keypad combination security functions on main doors. It has a massive range of features and is very user friendly, installation is very simple and of course, due to it not needing mains power, there is no mile long trail of cables. You are able to add a number of different passcodes that can range of 6-12 digits.This model takes batterys that can withstand 100,000 uses and has low battery warnings well in advance of them running out on you. This model is also BS3621 rated, so it is covered by british insurance requirements. £109.49 + VAT


Mechanical combination locks

Locksonlines favourate range of mechanical locks are the KABA simplex unican 1000 series. These locks are heavy duty peices of equipment that are used in high priority buildings across europe such as hospitals and banks. These models do not require power to function so there is no reason they can’t be used under emergancy circumstances. Keypad entry faces the exterior and the interior has a quick and easy to use knob turn that allows a quick exit. These kits include, keypad/KABA lock, latch, strike plate and code changing tool. RRP £209.95 + VAT

I hope this article has been informative to you. Access control devices can sometimes be confusing as there are quite a wide range of different types available. If you have any questions please direct them here or We are also available to live chat and by phone on 08452300201.

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