A Comprehensive Guide To Mattress Sizes

The key to getting a good night’s sleep is often to find the right kind of mattress for your needs. Size really does matter when it comes to mattresses though, as sleeping on a bed that you’re too tall for or sharing a bed that isn’t meant for two people can become unbearably uncomfortable before long.

When buying your mattress, make sure you pick the right size for you and for your room.

Best for babies

A small single bed can be the perfect upgrade from a cot for a young child. Small single beds are 2’6″ wide and 6’3″ long. You may want to get one if:

–          Your child is ready to advance to a real bed from a cot.

–          You have a guest bedroom – small singles are the perfect solution to small guest bedroom and adults can comfortably sleep on them.

–          Your child’s room is quite small – small single beds don’t necessarily need to be replaced and can allow for additional storage and floor space in the room.

The norm

A traditionally sized single bed comes in at 3′ wide and 6’3″ long, giving sleepers just six extra inches of space over the small single bed. These beds are perfect for children’s bedrooms and guest rooms and don’t take up much space. Consider buying on if:

–          You only need sleeping space for one person.

–          You’re buying a bed for a child.

–          Your guest bedroom isn’t large enough for a double bed.

A bit more room

Small double beds can easily accommodate two people at 4’0″ wide and 6’3″ long. Those that prefer a bit more personal space may want to go for a larger mattress though. Buy a small double if:

–          You don’t feel the need for a larger bed – small doubles are both comfortable and sensible.

–          Your bedroom is a bit on the small side – if your room isn’t quite large enough for a double then you may be able to get away with a small double bed.

–          You want to buy a double bed for your guest bedroom but you’d like to save on costs – small double beds are often cheaper to buy.

One size larger

The double bed is the traditional choice for couples and those after additional sleeping room. Double mattresses are 4’6″ wide and 6’3″ long and are designed to give two people more than enough room to sleep side-by-side without disturbing one another. Buy one if:

–          You sleep alone and want a little bit of luxury – double beds can allow you to stretch out while sleeping.

–          A small double just isn’t big enough for you and your partner – if you find that you wake each other up, upgrade to a double bed so there’s a bit more space available.

–          Your bedroom is big enough – if your room is big enough there’s no point in making do with a small double when a double would be better.

Fit for a king

King size beds are just that little bit bigger than double beds, but this seemingly small change makes all the difference. These beds are 4’6″ wide and 6’3″ long and would be perfect if:

–          You simply want a bit more space to lounge in.

–          Your room is just a bit bigger so you could easily upgrade to a king size bed without taking up too much floor space.

–          You share your bed with your partner and find a double bed is a bit too cramped.

Big is beautiful

If a double or king bed isn’t good enough for you, you need a super king size bed. These beds are 6’0″ wide and 6’6″ long and are ideal if:

–          You want a bed that allows you to sleep in absolutely any position without having even a toe off the edge of the mattress.

–          You need a larger bed to accommodate two people even more comfortably than a king size would.

–          You have a very large bedroom and need to create a focal point within the room.

Bigger is better

The holy grail of mattresses is definitely the extra-super king. These mattresses are often handmade and are designed for those that require their mattresses to be longer or wider than the standard size mattresses which are available. If you’ve ever had to sleep with your feet sticking off the end of the mattress or have been just an inch from falling out of bed for lack of space, these are the mattresses for you.

They usually come in sizes:

–          6’6″ long

–          7’0″ long

–          7’6″ long

–          And larger – some companies are able to make mattresses completely to measure.

Mattress sizes can seem quite confusing when you go to buy your first bed. However, by taking your preferred sleeping habits, the space you have available, and what kind of bed you’d really like to buy into account, you can get the right one for you.

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