5 Reasons Why you Bother with Landscaping as a New Homeowner

When you purchased your first home, you likely had big dreams about hosting backyard barbecues, decorating your home’s interior and finally owning the home you live in. After you moved into your new home, however, you likely soon realized that home ownership comes with additional responsibilities and chores. Perhaps one of the most significant chores pertains to landscaping. It may have crossed your mind to just let your landscaping and yard maintenance go to save time and money. However, there are five key reasons why you shouldn’t do this.

1. Property Values

Your home’s exterior appearance can affect your property value. Your taxable valuable may largely be based on the size and location of your home. However, the value of your home in an open marketplace will indeed be affected by curb appeal, and landscaping has a major impact on your home’s curb appeal.

2. Homeowner’s Association

If you live in a neighborhood governed by a homeowner’s association, there is a good chance that your homeowner’s association has specific rules and requirements in place regarding your home’s landscaping and exterior maintenance. If you do not comply with those rules and requirements, some homeowner’s associations may fine you. Others may hire a third party contractor to do the work for you and send you the bill for those services.

3. Exterior Home Maintenance

Maintaining your home’s landscaping can affect your exterior home maintenance tasks. Consider, for example, that bushes that are allowed to grow close to the home’s siding and tree limbs that hang low on the roof can damage the home. By keeping your bushes and trees trimmed back, you can prevent damage being done to your home.

4. Drainage

Your home’s landscaping features will affect water drainage on your home. With proper landscaping features in place, you can discourage pooling from developing in your yard, and you can encourage water to drain away from your home. This can prevent flooding and can prevent damage being done to your home’s foundation.

5. Pride of Ownership

Well-maintained landscaping creates a beautiful home exterior. When you purchased your home, you likely did not want to have the most unsightly home in the neighborhood. By taking care of your landscaping and making periodic upgrades to your landscaping as necessary, you can promote pride of ownership through improved curb appeal.

The fact is that you can indeed let your landscaping go, but these five key points provide you with solid reasons why the steps you take to maintain your yard are indeed worthwhile.

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