5 Housing Decoration Trends That Will NEVER Go Out Of Style

Being on trend is all well and good. Keeping up with the times is a lovely status symbol. But sometimes it’s just impossible to afford to remodel your home for every passing trend. Sometimes it’s necessary to deck your home out in a timeless style. I like to check out local real estate – Epping is my new fab find – to take a peek at the décor. Is it trendy or timeless? What ideas can I steal? Some homes know how to toe the line between on trend and classic styling. And some don’t. Here are some that will never go out of style.

Classic kitchen cabinets

White kitchen cabinets will always be on trend. Red may be a colour that really pops this season, but that doesn’t mean that it will stay in. Fads change, but white – white is the go-to colour for any decorating scheme: white and the smell of eucalypt. Bliss!

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is as chic as ever. Carpet colours and patterned tile flooring never stay in season, but quality hardwood flooring adds real character to your home without ever being daggy.

Hardwood flooring

Books, books, books

And what about the smaller things? The little things? Having a wooden bookcase full of books will never go out of style. Neither will having plants and flowers scattered around the house. They add some real colour and vivacity to any room. Try and pick timeless books to show off on your shelves, as well as the latest bestsellers. Anything goes really, as long as everything is displayed and arranged neatly (cluttered bookshelves are a big no no). Always pick in season flowers, ones that look beautiful and will last more than just an evening.

Unique antiques

Classy antiques and beautiful art pieces are never dated. Make sure, however, that they fit with the overall look and feel of your room. Don’t pair grandma’s old wooden dresser with new, sleek Ikea furniture. It’s just not a good look. Instead pick up furniture that matches well.

Your personal taste

Putting together pieces that you like will always be on trend, because it’s really important that you know what works best for you and is really functional. You can make disparate items work if they share a common thread, like a common colour or texture.

Keep these tips in mind, and be prepared for all your friends to compliment you on your retro-chic interior decorations and you can smile to yourself with the knowledge that your home is classic and timeless. It’ll still look as charming as ever in twenty years’ time.

Author bio: Lena Perry has a little bit of real estate. Epping is where she can bask in the smell of eucalypt.

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