A How To Guide On Disposing Of A Pest Infested Mattress

Empire Pest Control Ltd


Bed bugs have been on the increase lately, especially in larger cities, and can wreak havoc on even the most beautifully improved homes. This increased risk of bed bugs puts us more at risk of bites, and other health problems that are related to having an infestation in your home. Most people that suffer from a bed bug bite don’t have any reaction to it. But there are those that are incredibly allergic to them, which results in serious rashes and sometimes even blisters.

This is why it’s so important to control bed bug infestations when they occur. Bed bugs are resistant to a lot of pesticides, and may have been hidden in your home for a while before you’ve noticed their presence. Keeping up a consistent vacuuming regime will definitely help get rid of eggs and bugs hidden around your home, but what about if the bugs are hiding in your mattress?

Empire Pest Control have given us this great infographic on what to do if you find bed bugs in your mattress, and how to dispose of the mattress if you feel like you have no other choice.

The best treatment options for bed bugs is using heat. Bed bugs hate extreme temperatures, so exposing them to a lot of heat will kill them in every stage of life. A professional cleaning service will be able to offer you steam cleaning on your upholstery and household fabrics, which will get rid of the bed bugs effectively.

Bedding, pillow covers, duvets etc must be washed immediately, and then put on to tumble dry on a high heat. If you have delicate fabrics, such as silk, then have them professionally cleaned.

To treat a mattress properly, you must get the help of a professional pest controller. Empire Pest Control use heat treatment to kill bed bugs instantly. It’s a great non-toxic option that is safe for your whole family.