High Quality Workwear for Home Improvement

Turning your hand to a little DIY is a highly rewarding task, but like many things in life, the better equipped you are, the easier the job is. This doesn’t just go for making sure you have the right tools for the project, it also goes for kitting yourself out with the correct, high-quality workwear clothing.

Besides saving all your own clothes and stopping them from getting damaged from paint splashes, tears and spills, there is also the safety aspect that expertly designed workwear clothing provides. High visibility jackets and high-vis trousers are a must if you’re doing any project near a busy road, and most workwear is waterproof, keeping you comfortable and more able to do a full day’s DIY, no matter what the weather throws at you. Whether you’re on a roof, trimming a hedge or painting a roadside fence, be sure you are safe. See and be seen.

The right footwear, like steel toecap boots, far out-perform the humble trainer, when it comes to dropping something like a heavy piece of timber on your foot. The correct footwear could save your toes from being crushed, and if you tread on a nail in trainers, it’s definitely a trip to hospital. Buying the right boots can mean waterproof, reinforced, chemical-resistant workwear for your feet, and real peace of mind. You don’t have to be a professional to benefit from all of these ideal safety features.

As for work trousers, there’s nothing handier than having all your tools within reach, in perfectly placed pockets. Designed to be exactly the right size, you can house mobiles, keys, tape measures, pencils for marking out, and more. Durable stitching and extra layers of reinforced material make them far more robust than your go-to pair of jeans. If you are looking for extra protection for the knees and knee joints, many work trousers offer helpful knee pad pockets. These really help on jobs like tiling and flooring, that are both demanding and stressful on the knees. Workwear clothing is often more robust and simply built for the job, with plenty of room to move. Also, garments are lined for warmth and made to withstand a tough day’s work.

Using appropriate workwear even extends to your hands, with hard wearing, durable gloves a must. Designed to protect fingers against abrasive surfaces, sharp or rusty objects and thorns or prickles hiding in the garden, the right gloves can save time, stop blisters, eliminate sores and make a tough day’s graft an easier, more manageable task.

There’s no doubt that whatever the DIY enthusiast has to tackle, the right work trousers and clothing will help you keep safe and comfortable all day long.