LED Strip Lighting – A Cost Effective, Easy To Use Essential For Around The Home

Installing your perfect lighting strategy whilst you’re building your dream home or ripping out walls to make room for wires is one thing, but what happens when you’ve finished painting and decorating only to think “oh I wish I’d added some lights here”? We’ve all been there; installed a variety of lights that we think look great, added a coat of paint, stepped back and wished we’d planned better.

Thankfully, a lighting solution is at hand. And they’re called LED strip lights.

LED strip lights are a perfect solution for any home or business owner wishing to create an ambient setting around their home and best of all, there’s no need to cut holes in walls.

LED strip lights are almost completely customisable and benefit from an adhesive backing strip, meaning they can be installed instantly. In addition, LED strip lights can be cut after every three lights and reattached seamlessly via a ready-made connector.

To help highlight just how great these lights can be, we’ve put together a top 3 list of great uses for LED strip lights. We’re sure you’ll find these ideas ‘illuminating’.

Kitchen Lighting 

Kitchen lighting is something often overlooked by homeowners, as often people will settle for bright white lights. Let’s face it you need to see what you’re doing when boiling water, chopping vegetables or preparing any food, so a bright white light is definitely a good idea. But what about those little alcoves under cabinets and intricate features of your kitchen? The kitchen is the heart of the home and a buzzing hive of activity when you’re entertaining guests, but no one wants to be faced with a continuous bright light all night. Adding some ambient lighting underneath or above cupboards can really create a great atmosphere that your guests will enjoy. Additionally, this type of lighting is a better option for family members who want to chill out whilst they enjoy a cup of coffee. Perfect!

Staircase lighting 

Perhaps the most criminally underrated and ignored design feature of the home is the staircase. The staircase is usually the first thing you and your guests see when you enter the home, so why ignore it? LED strip lights illuminate the stairs effectively which acts as a safety feature, but also bathes the hallway in a warm ambient light. By adding some strip lights hidden underneath the bannister you create a complete lighting strategy that is warm and welcoming, something that really ties the room together.

Bedroom lighting 

Sick of that old lifeless lamp? LED strip lights might be the perfect solution for you. Your bedroom is your safe haven, your place to relax and unwind so your lighting strategy should reflect that. LED strip lights can be easily placed behind and under dressers as well as under beds. This not only gives the appearance that your furniture is floating, but provides that relaxing ambient light you need to read or relax. Best of all, there’s no installation problems as the adhesive strip and reconnecting LED lights are easily placed anywhere you like, with the power easily plugged into the mains.

So there you have it, 3 top places in the home that can really benefit from LED strip lights. To view a complete collection of fantastic, easy to install LED lighting solutions, BrightLightz stock one of the largest selections in the UK.