Fire Risks and Safety Equipment for the Office

Fire safety is important on any premises – not to mention one that potentially contains hundreds of employees and visitors. However, there are a number of fire safety risks and elements that relate specifically to offices.


Officially speaking, offices are considered a “moderate” fire risk; an environment in which blazes either occur through negligence or carelessness, or, in 45% of cases, through arson. The danger obviously varies depending on the number of people in the property at any given time, as well as the nature of the office (i.e. a business containing an excess of flammable materials or stock).

Electrical appliances, both of a technological nature and those in kitchen or break areas, are another potential source of fire in the workplace, with overheating and electrical faults proving hazardous. Any building work taking place might also see flame or spark-creating equipment in use, causing danger around flammable materials, and a build-up of waste and rubbish bags outside the building should be avoided at all costs to perturb arson.


According to the Fire Safety Order 2005, it is the responsibility of the employer in any office environment to ensure that correct fire safety procedures and equipment are in place in the event of a blaze.

The duties required of the responsible person include:

–          Implementation of a safe and clearly accessible evacuation procedure

–          Regular fire risk assessments of the entire building

–          Inform all staff of any risks discovered

–          Provide, maintain and make accessible the appropriate fire safety equipment

There should also be adequate and thorough training of staff carried out by the responsible person to spread awareness of the correct actions and procedures upon encountering a fire or hearing the fire alarm, as well as ways in which to prevent unnecessary blazes.

Fire Safety Equipment

There is a wide range of equipment available to ensure a good standard of fire safety, all of which is available from AAI Security Systems.

–          Fire Alarms. A selection of fire alarm systems can be tailored to the needs of your office, many from leading manufacturers. All of our systems are approved by the National Security Inspectorate (as required by law) for quality and performance guarantee. AAI provide a number of operational features, from wall panels to test key capabilities, allowing us to supply and install the right one for your office premises. We also carry out high quality maintenance to ensure perfect working order at all times.

–          Smoke Detectors. A vital component of every fire detection system, smoke detectors are often the first way in which people are alerted to a fire, often quickly enough to prevent it from spreading. AAI Security Systems’ range of smoke detectors is modern and highly efficient, and the models are able to differentiate between smoke from fire and that from other sources. With a choice of ionization, optical and combined detectors, we ensure that all of our products are certified by the NSI in line with industry regulations.

–          Fire Extinguishers. AAI Security Systems stock a selection of high quality foam, CO2, automatic, water, powder and wet chemical units available to fight all types of fire that may occur in the office environment. Our team are on hand to advise you as to the extinguisher most suited to your needs, as well as to perform all installation, testing and regular maintenance to ensure that your equipment remains in perfect working order.

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