De-clutter, De-stress!

Anxiety, feeling out of control, and being overwhelmed are often indications of a cluttered lifestyle. Shambolic homes crammed with broken appliances, old furniture and piles of promotional post, or an unsystematic working environment can create unnecessary chaos and disorientation and leaves one feeling lethargic, obscure and unenthusiastic about everything.

Clutter affects more than someone’s outlook on life, it has a big impact on career progression, personal relationships and physical health; it may also influence opinions of colleagues, friends and family.

Mental and Emotional Health

It is also seen as a physical manifestation of one’s mental health. People who are hoarders have similar characteristics; they are often late to work, seem distant, forgetful and stressed.

Clutter affects the mental and emotional capabilities; it can limit motivation, performance and even social interaction. It fuels stress levels which has implications of its own; suppressed immune response, heart disease, insomnia and depression. Excessive clutter can also expose us to bacteria, mould, and pests.

Working Environment

When one is not organised in their personal life, it usually spills into their professional life and stunts their career progression. This disorderly way of living means deadlines can be missed, you end up working longer hours, and important stuff is lost.

Managers lose trust in unreliable employees and the chance of catching that big break will never come. Clutter equals stress.

Physical Health

Peter Walsh, author of “Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?” believes there is an association between the amount of clutter people have and their excess weight; a life of consumption he calls it. His theory may not be accurate but there is sense behind his way of thinking.

A life where time is constantly spent on looking for house keys, clothing items or work documents is not one that leaves room for a healthy diet or time to exercise. On-the-go croissants, cheesy-panini’s and microwave dinners do not provide the nutritional value one needs to be proactive, to feel good and to keep off the extra weight. Take a step back and plan your week’s diet; wake up 15 minutes earlier and eat breakfast or plan healthy meals for 3 evenings and stick to it. Working towards a healthy lifestyle, is the right step forwards in achieving a controlled living environment.

Our Top 5 Tips to help make your life a little more organised:

a) Start a healthier diet. When you are feeling better within your physical health, you will subconsciously want to improve on other areas of your life.

b) Take small steps and make a plan to put an hour aside every week, fortnight or month. During this time focus on one area and begin clearing. This is a great opportunity to give to

charity and those in need. Be strict on yourself, ask yourself “how will this item benefit my day-to-day life?” if it doesn’t then chuck it, file it or recycle it.

c) Any large items such as sports equipment, holiday gear or Christmas decorations can all go into a self-storage unit close to home. Do not let these once off occasions clutter your life!

d) Once you feel better at home, rearrange your working environment. Either implement a filing system or delete accumulated junk mail and bring home any item hoarding under your desk.

e) This is my favourite and I do this every 3 months; Rearrange your bedroom. Divide your shelves and hanging space into separate compartments for trousers, jumpers, t-shirts, skirts, pyjamas and dresses, separate your socks from your knickers and even label the shelves to ensure the order is kept. Take out empty product bottles or cloth tags and ensure everything has a place to go. Go the extra mile and put fresh linen on the bed, there will be an instant gratification to this task.

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