How Lighting Choice Makes A Difference To Your Home

Home Lighting can really set the mood of a room and give it some personality. There are various brands and designs that are available now and the type of style that you pick can really change a room. For example if you want something to give off a calm and relaxed mood to the room, spotlights with dimmer bulbs would help create this, to really glam up a room and make the fixture a show stopping piece a crystal chandelier is a must have. It all depends on the style of light fitting and here are a couple of ideas of what interior creations you could come up with thanks to light fittings:

Ceiling light

I used the red Diyas ceiling light from Castlegate Lights for the inspiration for the first design. The striking red colour fits perfectly into a kitchen space and is the key to bringing the secondary colour of red promptly into the room. You can make the most of this splash of colour by adding a number of accessories too such as the salt and pepper mills in the image.

Standing light

This stunning standing light matched together with the ceiling light are a great combination, and is a perfect choice for a living room where you require more light compared to somewhere such as a bedroom. The gold tint to the crystals works well with the cream, brown and blue colour scheme too. Adding the hint of blue through the cushions and other accessories leaves the accent colour open to change. For example during the winter you may want to change it to orange for a cosier feel and keep the blue during the summer to add a fresh feel.

The colour, shape and type of lighting you choose can heavily influence a room. Plus if you are unsure of what direction to go in or what colour you wish to opt for, start with the accessories and pick your favourite lighting design. These choice might just give you the inspiration and ideas you need to help picture and create your perfect room.

Home lighting

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