Brighten a Dull Home with Wallpaper

Your home is a haven, a place where you can relax in peace after a long day at work. Whether you own a small flat in a city centre or a large five bedroom pad in the country, your home is your space to chill after a hard day. Because of this, it is important to make sure your home décor is exactly the way you like it. Dark and dingy decoration is not what you want when you are trying to kick back after spending all day hard at work. You want to enjoy a home that showcases your personality and one that offers a place to relax at the end of the day.

If you need to overhaul a dungy looking bedroom or a dull living room, then it is time to think about decorating. If your home is lacking some lustre, then perhaps some rolls of wallpaper could help. After all, you will be staring at these walls often so making them look good is a priority. There are plenty of different styles when it comes to wallpaper. Gone are the days of old fashioned florals and boring stripes. Today, you can pick up a quirky yet calming wallpaper style that will look lovely placed on any walls in your home.

Below are a few styles which we think will add some brightness to a dark room. Take inspiration from our choices and add some style and lightness to your home.


Designer Selection Tree Wallpaper Cream/Gold/Beige

For a relaxing living room, choose this tree print wallpaper. Perfect for a cream/beige colour scheme and the pattern will add a touch of style to the room.


I Love Wallpaper Shimmer Wallpaper Metallic Silver / Black

For a room with a difference, take a look at this shimmer wallpaper. Although it may be black, the shimmer pattern will add light and glow to a basic room.


Designer Selection Bold Damask Wallpaper teal/cream

 This is definitely one for the bold designer in you. Anyone looking to brighten a boring room will find the answer with this blue Damask style wallpaper.


Designer Selection Candy Garden Wallpaper Multi Coloured

For some true colour, choose this candy garden wallpaper. This style is perfect for any bedroom that needs a bit of a facelift.


Fine Decor Cutlery Wallpaper Duck Egg Blue / Grey

This funky wallpaper will make any kitchen pop. The cutlery print and bold blue is ideal for adding some brightness and colour to your kitchen.

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