Silver Saints – Not your Average Handyman Service.

Many people who use Silver Saints Handyman Service for the first time are pleasantly surprised when a well-spoken, polite and neatly turned out person turns up to tackle their ‘to do’ list.

Most of our handymen come from professional backgrounds and have life-times experience of DIY and property renovation. This means that when you book a Silver Saint’s handyman, you are getting someone who can communicate well, is used to working in high pressure environments, has excellent problem solving skills and have chosen to do this job because they understand the importance of customer service and love DIY. All our handymen have had successful professional careers but have left the confinement of the office behind to pursue a flexible, fun and rewarding career as a mobile professional London handyman.

Silver Saints are continually looking to add to their team of highly professional handymen and we know how to spot the best. In the past we have found that the most talented individuals find us through their own research about becoming a professional handyman.

Joining the team starts with an interview. We are looking for excellent communicators with outgoing and friendly personalities. The candidate will describe their practical experience and we will give then a few technical tests.

Following a positive interview the aspirant is invited to spend a day or two with one of our most experienced Saints. This is an opportunity for them to demonstrate their technical, practical and customer service skills.

We understand that no one can know everything about what we do from day one but what we are trying to spot are the individuals who have technical & practical skills, are excellent problem solvers, adopt a ‘can do’ attitude towards work and challenges, take pride in even the smallest of repairs and understand the importance of customer service.

An applicant who performs well on this ‘trial day’ will be invited to join our training and probation program. This 4-8 week period is an opportunity for the newest Saints to learn about what been a Saint is all about. They get a chance to shadow all our other Saints, fill any technical gaps in their knowledge and learn how our systems work. But mostly it is an opportunity for them to prove to us that they have all it takes to be a successful Silver Saints handyman.

Handymen are offered long term contracts based on how they performed during the probation period. In the end we only hire the best.

Silver Saints has broken the traditional handyman mould and instead of just your average ‘odd job’ man is offering highly skilled, efficient and customer focused individuals to tackle all your property repairs and installations.

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