Why There Are More Reasons To Use The Hoover Linx Vacuum

The Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum has changed the way cleaning procedures are completed. Incorporating patented technology, there are numerous properties included for enhanced cleaning and improved hygiene levels. This apparatus has been developed according to an upright design for ease of use and the complete removal of dirt.

Being Cordless And Having A Lithium Battery Has Its Advantages
The cordless feature has proven most favorable as it allows for simple operation and convenience. Hard to reach places can be cleaned more efficiently and you will not be limited by the length of the power cable. All carpets as well as rugs may be deeply cleaned with the use of this device for increased hygiene and much to the relief of all individuals suffering from particular allergies.

It possesses a Lithium-Ion battery that may be recharged on a regular basis with the necessary cabling. With the power controls positioned close to the fingertips it is easier to reach all of the desired functions. The purpose of the design is to create apparatus that will deliver a greater performance level while providing a higher power output.

Powerful Suction Technology Despite Being Small And Lightweight

The vacuum possesses a high suction power and is therefore able to deliver a deeper clean. The Wind Tunnel technology is patented and allows for a greater collection of all types of dirt including hard to remove pet hair. Its quiet operation means that it will not create a large amount of noise making it more pleasant to handle.

This machine weighs an approximate 7 pounds for longer lasting and more comfortable handling around the home. With the head designed to cover an area of 11 inches it can suction a greater amount of dust and other types of dirt. It has also been manufactured to allow for more efficient cleaning processes from the rinsing of filters to bottom cup removal for dirt build up.

Gauge For Battery Life Identifies Power Balance And Rapid Recharge System

The placement of the gauge allows one to easily identify the remaining battery power. It may deliver an approximated 20 minutes of power cleaning when it has been charged for a couple of hours making it ideal for a quick clean. It is important to assess cleaning requirements and alternatives that will serve as more efficient and easy to operate.

With the Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum one may be provided with modern features for a convenient and powerful clean-up. It includes the 18 volt battery operation, cordless function and cyclonic filtration for greater output. The inclusion of patent properties makes it a unique device that is able to deliver greater levels of efficiency.

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