Stain Removal: Removing Grease, Oil, Mud, Sweat & more

Removing stains is perhaps one of the lesser regarded aspects of keeping a good home, but it is no less important when it comes to pride in your appearance!  Vanish, with a refitted site, host many tips all to do with removing stains. In this blog we’ll go over some of the daily spills of a home environment. Whether it is carpet stains, or any other nuisances, here are some quick tips that will help to clean up those spills.

Removing Grease and Oil

Grease and motor oil stain clothes and carpets all the time. Many people will throw away clothing affected by these stains after tinkering with a car or another type of small appliance. However, don’t throw away your belongings just yet. As soon as oil or greasy stains appear on clothing or carpeting, you should treat the area with very hot water. Then, scrape off the excess oil with a spoon, or blot the grease with a paper towel (in  an upward motion). These types of stains can be tricky, since they’re dark in colour and tend to be thick.

Removing Mud, Soil and Grass

With mud, our main tip is to avoid rubbing the stain, or trying to wipe it, whilst mud is wet, as this will lead to smearing. Let the mud dry and treat it at home. Do not try to wipe off the mud; it will only smear the stain onto more of the clothing. Once the mud or dirt stain has dried, try shaking or vacuuming the area to remove dried clumps of mud, then rinse under water when complete. Grass stains can be particularly difficult to remove, due to the dye from the chlorophyll of the plants. We recommend working from the inside out, as this will help push the stain away from the fabric.

Removing Sweat

Possibly the most annoying stain of all, particularly because it comes on slowly and is very difficult to get rid of. Underarm sweat stains occur due to anti-perspirant ingredients mixing with natural salts in sweat. Deodorants contain aluminium compounds that help to reduce moisture. This aluminium creates a stain build-up and yellowing of fabrics. Our main tip is prevention before a cure, so avoid putting your shirt on for around 30 seconds after you have applied deodorant; this will give your deodorant time to dry and should reduce the chances of a stain occurring. When trying to wash away the marks, soak the garment for an hour in warm water, then wash as usual. We also recommend adding 60mls of Vanish gel to your normal detergent.

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