Emergency Preparedness: Prep up Your House for Any Calamity

When it comes to emergency preparedness, the experts all agree that it is essential that you make plans and prepare for a disaster long before a threat becomes a reality. Fortunately, with some simple steps there is quite a bit that the average homeowner can do to help disaster-proof their home and ensure that it remains secure, even in the event of a disaster.

Evaluate the Disaster

As you begin contemplating the home improvements you can make to secure your home, it is important to spend some time evaluating the types of disasters you might face. Every area is different and has its own unique risks that could pose a potential problem. For example, some areas are prone to flooding or hurricanes, while others might be in locations that could be affected by earthquakes or forest fires. These are very different types of disasters and the necessary precautions and steps involved in preparing for them will require vastly different measures.

Check on the Materials

While it is not possible to prepare for every emergency situation, there are some simple preparations that can help you survive the first hours and days following a disaster. For example, when you are completing home improvements in an area that is at risk for hurricanes, there are windows, doors and other home construction materials that have been designed to help withstand hurricane force winds. Of course, your preparations should include making sure that all structural elements are secure; however, experts also recommend storing food for an emergency backup in times of disaster.

Invest on the Right Kind of Materials

The types of improvements you make to your property will depend on the area where you live as well as the specific disasters you want to be prepared to survive. Some disasters, such as an earthquake or hurricane might leave you cut off from access to stores and necessary supplies. Making sure that your home is both structurally safe and well-stocked for the survival of your family will be extremely important. One of the most important things you can do as you complete your home improvement projects is to ensure that you use materials designed to withstand disasters that pose a risk in your area.

In addition to preparing your home, it is important to have enough food and water to last at least several days. You should also include a first aid kit, prescription medications and personal hygiene items in your emergency preparations. Far too many people have discovered too late the importance of preparing for an emergency. Fortunately, when you take the time to secure your home and stock some essential emergency items, you can play a major role in ensuring the safety and comfort of your family in the first crucial days following a disaster.


Author Bio: The author has spent the past 10 years working in the home improvement industry. With experience in various aspects of code compliance, especially as it pertains to emergency management, the author has contributed numerous articles for emergency preparedness and home security websites.

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