Swap Out Your Old Drab Curtains for Venetian Blinds [Guest Post]

The classic look of the Venetian blind continues to be a popular style selection for window dressing. For a more contemporary look many people are choosing to install metal Venetian blinds instead of the traditional wooden version. Metal blinds co-ordinate well with the current trend in retro furniture which typically incorporates some metallic detailing.

Manufactured from 8 gauge aluminium metal Venetian blinds come in an assortment of colours and often with a lifetime warranty. Colours range from black and white to several off white shades as well as all the colours of the rainbow.

The beauty of aluminium is that it does not warp. There is also no concern about having to re-varnish or oil the blinds that are exposed to the harmful UV rays. This is a practical material to consider for those buyers interested in having a long term investment. The aluminium too can be treated with heat retaining properties so that it can insulate the room.

The blinds can be set up so that they open and close automatically. Buyers find this system the best since the blinds move more easily when propelled by the uniform action of the motor. These blinds will still provide that timeless ambiance in the room where light can be filtered in the desired amount. The window area will have clean stylish lines suitable for the office as well as the living room

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