Tips On Avoiding Fires In The Home

Fires in the home are one of the most dangerous occurrences for households and there are a number of reasons as to why these take place. From not checking your fire safety equipment to being reckless with open flames, some of the simplest precautions are often missed and can be the cause of the most devastating of house fires. To stop this from happening, there are a few key concepts that can be remembered to ensure that you and your families are properly protected.

Follow our advice and stay safe:

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One of the most notorious causes for fires in the home, smoking is one of the most deadly killers and not just for the people that are smoking. It is the main cause for house fires and this is why we recommend that any type of smoking be participated in an outside area, within a safe environment. This will prevent any flame or lit ash catching on to material within a home, decreasing the chances of anything flammable catching fire.

If you still wish to smoke inside then it is imperative that you ensure that the cigarette is properly extinguished and not just thrown in the bin. Run it under cold water and inspect the cigarette before you throw it away, as they can sometimes be still lit even if you think they have been put out.

Fire Alarms

Having a working smoke or fire alarm in the home will decrease your chances of dying in the event of a fire by up to 3 times. It is widely reported that over a third of fires in the home do not have a properly effective smoke or fire alarm. For this reason, we encourage homeowners to spare no expense when it comes to the safety of their family and always check to make sure that they have high quality alarms that have fully working batteries. Check these batteries on a monthly basis, as it doesn’t take more than a couple of seconds to make sure that it is working accordingly.

As one of the most fundamental parts of fire safety in the home, there is a common theme of people not having a smoke alarm in their home. So if you do nothing else after reading this blog post, check your alarms or buy yourself a new one. If you’re not sure what kind of alarm to get then request a fire risk assessment from a fire safety professional.


An open flame like a scented candle can be relaxing, but they can also be one of the most dangerous elements for a home. The winter period is the time where fires occur most frequently, with the decreased light and cold weather resulting in more people trying to increase the heat and light within their homes. A candle flame will easily catch onto nearby flammable material & this can possibly be the beginning of the most aggressive of fires. This is why our advice is to not leave a candle in a room if there is nobody occupying it. And if somebody leaves the room or the house then extinguish the flame like you would a cigarette, by blowing it out and running it under a cold tap. Even the tiniest of candles can be the cause of huge fires, so when you do have candles lit it is important that you keep them away from window sills or areas that are subject to wind. A small draught could cause the candle to fall onto a flammable fabric or a curtain and just be the start of an aggressive fire.

The Kitchen

Fires whilst cooking are the reason for over half of household fires, with unattended gas hobs and heavily oiled pans being some of the causes for kitchen fires. High temperatures which are not properly monitored can start and dramatically escalate fires, so keep safe within the kitchen and ensure that there is someone always present whilst there is any cooking going on. If you do have to leave the room for whatever reason, take the pan off the heat and place in a safe place. Children should be properly monitored and advised not to play around a gas hob or hot grill and never left alone in the kitchen.

Our goal is to keep you safe, so think smart when it comes to protecting your home and family from the threat of fire.

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