Five Kitchen Renovation Mistakes To Avoid

A kitchen renovation is one of the most expensive home improvement projects you will ever undertake. It is also, of course, one of the most important, since a properly functioning kitchen is essential to the functioning of the whole household. For both these reasons, mistakes made in the process of renovation can be disastrous, yet it is remarkable how the same mistakes are made over and over again. It is a good idea to find out what mistakes to avoid before, rather than after, making them.

Keeping Up With The Joneses

It is a sad fact that one of the most common reasons for undertaking a kitchen makeover is envy of someone else’s kitchen, or wanting other people to envy yours. This leads to a compulsion to follow the latest fads and fashions, even though these will almost certainly be outdated in a couple of years. You should never lose sight of the fact that a kitchen renovation is supposed to last on average 12-15 years, so you need to concentrate on a timeless look, and on what really works for you.

Temptation To Over-Customise

This is the other side of the same coin. Bringing back the special unique tiles from Tuscany which you so much admired may give your kitchen a bit of snob value, but you will have a problem replacing them if they get damaged. In addition, if you put your house on the market, prospective purchasers may hate them and it may put them off buying.

Getting Your Measurements Wrong

It is surprising how many people make this mistake — ordering the wrong size of appliances or kitchen units because the measuring has not been done correctly. Even being a centimeter out in your measurements can prove disastrous. In most cases you are better off using a professional kitchen fitter, who can plan your project from the start, but of course you have to be careful to choose one who is reputable and competent.

Forgetting About Storage

It is quite common for homeowners to find on completion of their kitchen makeover that not only do their pots and pans not fit where they are supposed to go, but there is not enough storage capacity overall. You need to work out what you will require in the initial planning stages, not halfway through. In fact, it is a good idea to prepare an inventory in advance, to ensure you have the correct type and amount of storage. In addition, make sure it is organized for efficiency — have cooking utensils close to where the cooking is done, not at the other end of the room.

Working In The Dark

This is said to be one of the most common mistakes. The majority of people still assumes that the old style of lighting — a bulb hanging from the middle of the ceiling — is all that is available. However, poor lighting can be a real hindrance to cook, let alone all the other things you might want to do in the kitchen, like sitting at the table checking your household accounts. Nowadays there is a wide variety of task and ambient lighting available, meaning you can have the right light in the right place for the right purpose.

For most families, the kitchen is the hub of the house, so it makes sense to take the time and care to get it exactly right. There are many mistakes that can be made and you can read about more of them at There are no hard and fast rules — just make sure you get the kitchen that is right for you and your family.

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