Turning Your Basement Into An Entertainment Lounge

Basement is often an ignored part of the house. Majority of us use it just as a storage space. However, basement when utilized properly can be turned into a very useful space. A basement can be turned into a small additional bedroom or a study or an entertainment lounge. In my opinion the best way to utilize a basement is to turn it into an entertainment lounge. There are plenty of advantages of turning the basement into an entertainment lounge. In most houses basement is designed in such a way that the sound coming from the basement generally doesn’t disturb the neighbours  Hence basement is a great option for an entertainment lounge. Also an entertainment lounge is a great venue for home parties. In this article we would be discussing, ways in which you can turn your basement into an entertainment lounge.

Every entertainment lounge has a main area or a feature which attracts the attention of visitors. Not every visitor may utilize it, but it’s always good to have such an area of attraction. In case of home based entertainment lounge, a small bar is the perfect choice for such an area. There are two things which you need to consider when planning a small bar. First, it should be easily accessible and should have plenty of sitting space around it. Second, it should have plenty of electrical connections which can be used for the blenders and other appliances. Also a general tip to make your bar look elegant is to place the ornate bottles at the back and the shorter bottles in front of them. It is always a good idea to extend the bar a little,so that it can easily double up as a snacks counter when there are plenty of kids. Also granite is the best option for the bar counter. It looks elegant and has been in trend since ages.

No entertainment lounge is complete without proper entertainment facilities. A wide Tv screen is your best and most affordable option. However, you also need to take care of the acoustics. If the acoustics are not proper then you can easily correct them with common household items like curtains or things made of rubber. Both these materials absorb sound to certain extent and can be used in the general decoration of the basement as well, hence they won’t look out of the place either. This would help you in saving thousands of dollars which you would have otherwise spent on sound technicians.

If you take care of both these aspects then you can easily turn your basement into a throbbing entertainment lounge for your family and friends.

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