DIY Carpet Cleaning

If you launch a search on carpet cleaning a myriad of offers are poured onto you. No matter where you reside, there is absolutely always a suitable, professional company around the block, ready to meet all your expectations. But is it really so? I have wondered about it a lot. Not that it is important, but still it annoys me. That relentless promotion of the best equipment, best cleaning products, and lowest prices. What? Is everyone in the industry that good and that cheap? I sincerely doubt it. How about DIY carpet cleaning?

It is undeniable that a carpet requires good maintenance in order to keep its luster and fresh looks. As a big financial investment in your home it is economically reasonable to take care for your carpeting. Having your carpet cleaned by a professional company can be costly. Moreover, if you get a sloppy service, you may find your home ruined. The advantage when hiring a professional is that you will save time and get their experience and professional equipment. But the question still remains open. Can’t you do it by yourself?

There is a lot of information about DIY carpet cleaning on the Internet – from equipment you might need to different home made cleaning solutions. If you choose to do your carpet cleaning by yourself you could save lots of money and use only natural cleaning products. But there is the downside of possible damages caused by inappropriate use of rented cleaning machines for example. But still I think the effort is worthwhile.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Methods

Currently there are two widespread methods to deep clean your carpet – dry and steam cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning consists of three parts. First you have to sprinkle powder detergent on the floor. You wait for 15 minutes so the powder gets absorbed into the carpet. Then using a special buffer with rotating heads you go over the carpet. The final step of the process is vacuuming. As you vacuum the powder along with the accumulated dirt is removed. The single best thing about DIY carpet dry cleaning is that there is very low moisture involved and almost no drying time required.

The most popular method today is called most of the times steam carpet cleaning which in fact is a misnomer. Actually hot water with diluted cleaning solution is used, not steam. It is a good idea to vacuum the surface before you start deep cleaning it. The process starts with hot water and diluted cleaning solution being forced into the carpet under high pressure. In the process water is mixed with dirt and grime, as well as bacteria and germs are eliminated. Then the water is extracted with wet vacuum machine. You have to be extra careful when performing the water extraction and assure that the carpet is dry. Otherwise, it might lead to mould growth.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Solutions

There are three widespread non professional ingredients that might be used successfully to maintain your carpeting:
Baking soda: it makes a great carpet cleaning solution. It gets rid of many types of stains and is also very useful in removing unpleasant odours. The baking soda is best sprinkled on the surface and then rubbed with hot water into the fabrics. After you scrub the area with a brush allow the solution to remain in the carpet for a while. Then vacuum the excess. Rinse the carpet and vacuum dry the carpet afterwards.
Ammonia: you should be careful when cleaning your carpets. Open your windows and ventilate the area well. Mix a solution according to the directions on the ammonia bottle and apply it to the area. After that rinse with a clean cloth with mixture of water and vinegar.
Vinegar: this maybe the most under utilized cleaning solution. It is very helpful in cases of bad and unpleasant smells. Vinegar also removes stains effectively. It is natural, non toxic and readily available. It is usually mixed in proportion of one part vinegar to 10 parts of hot water.
I hope that this will help you to successfully perform a DIY carpet cleaning process. Be careful! Good luck!

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