Why a Conservatory makes Perfect Sense

If you’re considering adding a conservatory to your home then read on to discover why it makes perfect sense. If your home seems increasingly smaller as the family get bigger and the demands of modern life take over – with everyone needing more space – then an individually tailored conservatory could be the answer to all your prayers. By choosing to add a bespoke conservatory to your home it can be built-to-purpose to exact specifications to meet your functional requirements and blend easily with the existing character and structure of your house. Your new conservatory will give you the space you need to accommodate a growing family, providing a new room where you can relax, study or socialise. And all without the headache of moving house!

Not only does a conservatory offer the immediate benefit of additional space, but it also provides a great solution to linking your home with your garden. Relaxing in your new room, you can take advantage of the shelter of an indoor environment whilst throwing your doors open to the garden and world beyond. Invite friends over, pop the kettle on or open that bottle of wine and take the time to appreciate the wonderful garden you have invested so much time and care in.

Suit your needs with a Conservatory

A conservatory can be individually tailored to suit your specific needs depending on what you want to use the extra space for. There are many reasons why people choose to build a conservatory and popular uses for conservatories include a studio or home office, a playroom, a dining room or living room or even a greenhouse! Think about what you want to use the extra space with and then your plans can be drawn up accordingly enabling you to get even more out of your current home. With more people having the opportunity to work from home a conservatory can make the ideal office environment away from the rest of the house with good natural light and the advantage of opening on to the garden for those much needed breaks. With the right blinds and furnishings you can create

a multi-purpose studio for work and play. Speaking of which, if the kids toys are getting out of hand and seem to be scattered all over the house a conservatory can be the perfect solution, providing a safe environment in which to play and making the ideal toy storage room. Or maybe your idea of ‘play’ would be more tailored towards the adults with a darts board or pool table – the choice is yours.

So many Options

For families who eat in the kitchen or have just one main living area, a conservatory can be the ideal way to separate living spaces, especially for those fitted with bi-folding doors. By using your conservatory as a dining room you instantly have the ideal space for both family meals and dinner parties. Conservatories make great breakfast rooms, especially when they’re positioned to take advantage of the morning sunlight. Also, with access in and out to the garden, it’s much easier to keep the rest of the house tidy is you’re entertaining in a conservatory.

And, if you’re not struggling for space in the house but are a keen horticulturist looking for the ideal environment in which to tend plants and herbs then your conservatory could act as a greenhouse. Maybe you’re not so green-fingered but the thought of a range of different plants really appeals to you? There are many extremely realistic artificial plants that look incredible when displayed in a conservatory, creating a little outside garden inside. Real or artificial, the advantage of plants in a conservatory is they are not exposed to outside elements, so can flourish and thrive.

Make Space to enjoy Life!

So, a conservatory makes perfect sense because it offers so much flexibility. Whether you simply want an additional living room in which to relax or you have more ambitious ideas, you can design it to reflect your individual style and suit your specific needs. With bi-folding doors that can be opened out onto your garden you can make the best of both worlds in your new living space. So, if you’re considering a conservatory, we’d strongly recommend you put your plans into action – get a conservatory and add space and value to your home – perfect!

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