How to Organize a Move to a New Home?

Moving is certainly an important event that requires a lot of energy and good organization. So, do not rely on improvisation but schedule the time and plan the process taking into consideration all the aspects of your move. Most importantly, decide if you are going to handle the situation yourself or trust a reputable company.


Are You Going to Handle it Yourself or Leave It in the Hands of Experts?

If you chose the second option, contact all friends, relatives and acquaintances that you know who have recently moved and used professional services. Select several companies and contact all of them. Then, ask any of the companies the following questions:

1.What services are offered by it?

2.What is the price for your relocation? 3. How quickly can the company accomplish the process of relocating your home?

It is important to know what equipment and staff would be involved in the removal. Do not rely on fictional or disloyal companies that suffer from a lack of the necessary equipment and workers on full-time.

When you pick the company that you like most, ask for a meeting and a detailed proforma invoice. The price depends on the distance between the apartments, the amount of furniture, the floor, etc. Ask the company what losses the insurance covers, and make a list of all items that you have to check after the transfer. When doing this, note even the smallest damage. If you have valuables, you should insure all them in advance. Make sure you have discussed all the points before you make a decision and hire the company.

Remember the company can take care of the loading, transportation, packaging, installation and electrical system; you can hire someone to put the furniture back together and to make all the necessary adaptations and corrections. You’ll save a significant amount of money if you leave the company to load and transport your belongings, and you can take care of the rest. If you are moving abroad, you can trust the company to take care of all formalities.

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Plan Ahead the Furnishing of the New Home

Make a general plan of the house and the approximate arrangement of the furniture, at least the biggest ones. That will not only save you time but also will help you load the furniture in the truck in the best way possible. Moving is a great opportunity to get rid of unnecessary things that you no longer need. Pack curtains, covers for sofas and carpets after you have washed and ironed them out.

If possible, label all the big boxes and list their content for your own convenience after the arrival. Besides, make sure that the furniture and boxes you will arrange last in the new home are placed first in the truck. Don’t forget to check if everything is well protected – not only packed but sealed with paper and materials that can soften sudden movements during transportation. If the furnishing and arranging of your new home is going to last longer than one day, the kitchen and the beds should be organized first in order for you to have a place to eat and sleep and to avoid further embarrassment and additional stress.

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