Decorating A Small Room In A Modern And More Tempting Way


Setting up a new house is a very interesting and a fun-filled task. Many people enjoy decorating small corners; others enjoy canvassing their ideas on the walls. But if you are having a small house the major task becomes to manage it in such a way that the space is utilized effectively. For this you have to be very careful about picking up furniture and other decorative items.

First of all try to pick furniture that is not too large. Low height and small size furniture would make the room look more spacious. Pick out a queen size bed with a chest under it so that you can put quilts and beddings under it. Also purchase side tables and a dressing with drawers and small cabinets, you can use these for keeping small things that might clutter your rooms if put openly. Also you can buy sofa convertible beds to place in the living rooms. In this way your living room might also serve the purpose of a guest bed.

Use a wall mounted television to place in the living room. Similarly you can use vertical shelves to adjust small decorative items. This would save more space and that area would look more organized and clean instead of a clutter. Also use small and beautiful wall mounted containers that match your room décor, as they can also be used to keep important stuff as bills and invoices.

If you are also having a kid’s play area, try to keep only the toys that your kids play with. Give away all the extra toys as charity. Get a storage box for your kids that can serve the purpose of a toy box as well as a sitting bench. Keep all the books on a vertical shelf and hang it over your child’s writing table.

Adding mirrors and glass to the rooms would give your house a feeling of spaciousness from inside. Also you can add plants at different corners which would add color and freshness to the area. You can also use small hanging pots with plants in it near the entrance as it gives the house a welcoming and cheerful effect.

Another most important point is the lightning of the house. To make your house look open and big, you have to make sure that all the areas especially the corners are well lit. If the sunlight doesn’t reach that area, use a small spot light or a chandelier which would enhance that area. Hence you would realize that implementing small ideas can change the whole look and effect of your house.

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