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Central Air Conditioning Advice [Guest Post]

If you have multiple AC units that are using a lot of electricity or you may also be experiencing a lot of humidity. This is why it is a important that you consider using the best central air conditioners for your needs. A Central AC unit is basically a type of cooling system which is able to cool more than two rooms in the house. They are referred to as central air in United States or air-con in the United Kingdom. An air conditioner usually circulates dehumidified or cooled air through the ductwork to the different rooms. It also uses ductwork and air handlers to deliver cool air.

Air Conditioning

How AC Works

Central AC Units make use of refrigeration to cool the air circulating in a room.

When you use a split system air conditioner, it has a condenser and compressor outdoors and the evaporator unit is placed on the furnace or air handler. All the components are combined in one outdoor unit when using a package A/C system.

Best central air units usually get air from the rooms through return air ductwork, filters, cools and dehumidifies it then takes it back to the rooms. A thermostat usually controls the A/C unit by turning it on and off when needed.

Buying a Central AC Unit for your Home

Air conditioners will definitely have an impact on how you live as well as how you pay your bills. It is good to do your research when looking to choose a good AC unit because it can really affect your bills. Choose one which is efficient when it comes to cooling your home but make sure it is not too expensive to operate.
AC Problems & Repair

If your air conditioner stops working, do your own troubleshooting before getting an expert to repair it. If it happens to be inefficient in cooling, it may just require some basic maintenance. It may also fail to switch on because of an issue with the circuit breaker. There are times when it is just the thermostat that has a problem so it is good to troubleshoot.

Air Conditioner Cost & Installation

Professionals usually install all central air conditioners and this is usually quoted along with the price of the equipment. In cases where retrofitting has to be done to an existing home, the cost may be higher because the ductwork has to be run under the floor and through the attic from the air handler. Installations cost around a few grand, but you can get a good price if you get a free estimate from air conditioning companies in your local area. You can around three bids if you are looking to get a good value for your money. You can resort to buying one or more air conditioners if this installation budget is too much for you.

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