How to Choose the Perfect Lighting for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s where you gather with your family to cook and chat to each other about your day. You spend so much time in there that it is important to make it a welcoming environment and lighting contributes to that considerably. Here are the best types of lighting for kitchens, and where to place them to create the perfect environment.

Track Lighting

You can find track lighting in many different shapes and sizes. It makes an ideal base for you to hang pendant lighting or spotlights from. You can position the lights in different places on the track, allowing some lights to create an atmosphere and others to provide focus for tasks. Track lighting can be curved or straight, and looks great with a stainless steel finish.

Under cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is one of the most ideal forms of task lighting that you can buy for your kitchen. You can place the lights underneath wall cabinets above your work surface, to provide better lighting for chopping and cooking. You can get the lights as a strip, or as small discs which can be recessed or left on the surface. If you purchase LED undercabinet lighting, you will hardly ever need to replace the bulbs, making them a great cost effective lighting solution.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights hang from the ceiling, and are much more decorative than traditional ceiling lights. They make a great lighting solution for areas of the kitchen where you perform tasks, as well as areas where you socialise. For that reason, interior designers often place LED pendant lights over islands and dining spaces. You can use smaller pendant lights under 12 inches in small spaces, so that they don’t overwhelm the room.

Wall Lighting

In kitchens, wall lighting fixtures usually take the form of a sconce. The sconces usually match whatever form of ceiling light you have; be it a pendant or a chandelier. Sconces work well on a tiled backsplash or by a piece of art.

Recessed Lighting

If you would prefer your kitchen lighting to be more functional than decorative, then recessed lighting is the best way to go. Recessed lighting is installed within the ceiling with some trim around it, and is ideal for lighting up the whole kitchen. You can also use it as accent lighting above seating areas, but pendant lighting tends to look better for this from a decorative perspective.

Top Tips for Perfect Kitchen Lighting:

  • Zone your lighting according to its use – task (cooking/working), mood and dining (ambient) and decorative (feature). Try to have elements of all three.
  • Consider dimmable lights for more flexibility.
  • Put direct lighting anywhere where you will be preparing or cooking food. Recessed lighting will look tidier in these areas, and undercabinet lighting can really help when you’re trying to find a particular utensil or ingredient.
  • Try not to have too many ceiling fixtures, as they can look cluttered.

Planning effective lighting for your kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult. Try to use a mixture of styles to create the best effect. Above all, kitchen lighting should look good and be functional too.


LED Strip Lighting – A Cost Effective, Easy To Use Essential For Around The Home

Installing your perfect lighting strategy whilst you’re building your dream home or ripping out walls to make room for wires is one thing, but what happens when you’ve finished painting and decorating only to think “oh I wish I’d added some lights here”? We’ve all been there; installed a variety of lights that we think look great, added a coat of paint, stepped back and wished we’d planned better.

Thankfully, a lighting solution is at hand. And they’re called LED strip lights.

LED strip lights are a perfect solution for any home or business owner wishing to create an ambient setting around their home and best of all, there’s no need to cut holes in walls.

LED strip lights are almost completely customisable and benefit from an adhesive backing strip, meaning they can be installed instantly. In addition, LED strip lights can be cut after every three lights and reattached seamlessly via a ready-made connector.

To help highlight just how great these lights can be, we’ve put together a top 3 list of great uses for LED strip lights. We’re sure you’ll find these ideas ‘illuminating’.

Kitchen Lighting 

Kitchen lighting is something often overlooked by homeowners, as often people will settle for bright white lights. Let’s face it you need to see what you’re doing when boiling water, chopping vegetables or preparing any food, so a bright white light is definitely a good idea. But what about those little alcoves under cabinets and intricate features of your kitchen? The kitchen is the heart of the home and a buzzing hive of activity when you’re entertaining guests, but no one wants to be faced with a continuous bright light all night. Adding some ambient lighting underneath or above cupboards can really create a great atmosphere that your guests will enjoy. Additionally, this type of lighting is a better option for family members who want to chill out whilst they enjoy a cup of coffee. Perfect!

Staircase lighting 

Perhaps the most criminally underrated and ignored design feature of the home is the staircase. The staircase is usually the first thing you and your guests see when you enter the home, so why ignore it? LED strip lights illuminate the stairs effectively which acts as a safety feature, but also bathes the hallway in a warm ambient light. By adding some strip lights hidden underneath the bannister you create a complete lighting strategy that is warm and welcoming, something that really ties the room together.

Bedroom lighting 

Sick of that old lifeless lamp? LED strip lights might be the perfect solution for you. Your bedroom is your safe haven, your place to relax and unwind so your lighting strategy should reflect that. LED strip lights can be easily placed behind and under dressers as well as under beds. This not only gives the appearance that your furniture is floating, but provides that relaxing ambient light you need to read or relax. Best of all, there’s no installation problems as the adhesive strip and reconnecting LED lights are easily placed anywhere you like, with the power easily plugged into the mains.

So there you have it, 3 top places in the home that can really benefit from LED strip lights. To view a complete collection of fantastic, easy to install LED lighting solutions, BrightLightz stock one of the largest selections in the UK.



How Lighting Choice Makes A Difference To Your Home

Home Lighting can really set the mood of a room and give it some personality. There are various brands and designs that are available now and the type of style that you pick can really change a room. For example if you want something to give off a calm and relaxed mood to the room, spotlights with dimmer bulbs would help create this, to really glam up a room and make the fixture a show stopping piece a crystal chandelier is a must have. It all depends on the style of light fitting and here are a couple of ideas of what interior creations you could come up with thanks to light fittings:

Ceiling light

I used the red Diyas ceiling light from Castlegate Lights for the inspiration for the first design. The striking red colour fits perfectly into a kitchen space and is the key to bringing the secondary colour of red promptly into the room. You can make the most of this splash of colour by adding a number of accessories too such as the salt and pepper mills in the image.

Standing light

This stunning standing light matched together with the ceiling light are a great combination, and is a perfect choice for a living room where you require more light compared to somewhere such as a bedroom. The gold tint to the crystals works well with the cream, brown and blue colour scheme too. Adding the hint of blue through the cushions and other accessories leaves the accent colour open to change. For example during the winter you may want to change it to orange for a cosier feel and keep the blue during the summer to add a fresh feel.

The colour, shape and type of lighting you choose can heavily influence a room. Plus if you are unsure of what direction to go in or what colour you wish to opt for, start with the accessories and pick your favourite lighting design. These choice might just give you the inspiration and ideas you need to help picture and create your perfect room.

Home lighting


How to Choose the Perfect Lighting

LED Lighting - for HomesWhen it comes to the interior design of any building one thing often left until last is the lighting. Whether you are redesigning the décor of your existing home, decorating a new home, or even redesigning the interior of your office or workplace lighting is vitally important. The use of light can transform any space, set the scene and create the perfect ambience so it must be chosen wisely.

The first thing to think about when it comes to choosing the perfect lighting is the room you are choosing it for and the purpose. Is it to create a soft ambience, say in a bedroom, or is to really refresh the space for example in an office?

If you are looking to create a relaxed setting then table lamps and floor lamps are a great idea. They can light up dark corners and bring a sense of warmth to any room, and are also ideal for reading by. In the kitchen spotlights are one of the most popular choices. Allowing an attractive aesthetic look as well as being hugely practical, spotlights will ensure that you have a creative space to prepare food and do other household work.

Being environmentally aware is also a big concern when choosing lighting for any room. Energy efficient bulbs are really a must have in today’s society and are now available in a good range of wattages, suitable for most settings.

The home office or workplace office needs a much more practical yet still stylish design than any other place. This is because the light not only ensures that you can see and work clearly on a multitude of tasks it also boosts mood and productivity levels. If your workspace is dark and dingy then creativity and productivity levels will be low; transform your office into a bright and light space and the change will be hugely noticeable.

By far the most practical, attractive and cost efficient lighting option for home offices and workspaces are LED lights. A brilliant replacement for more traditional fluorescent strip lighting, which is used in many work places today, LED light panels provide high performance and substantial savings on energy consumption, which of course is hugely beneficial especially in a large business or office.

Easy to install, LED light panels are designed to fit directly into the existing walls of your property, ideal for suspended ceilings they can also be surface mounted to walls. A great option for meeting rooms, corridors, or and domestic space this modern lighting option makes the best possible use of LED lighting technology. One of the most important advances within the industry since the invention of the light bulb, LED’s are becoming more and more popular and the technology is constantly progressing.

Contributed by Reuben Hayes from LED LightSense offering LED light solutions.


Update Your Homes Style with Contemporary Modern Lighting

If your home decor is looking a bit antiquated, it’s time to update your look by adding contemporary lighting to your interior design scheme. Contemporary lighting can include trendy additions such as pendant lighting, multi-tiered torchiere floor lamps and stylish, sleek chandeliers and mini chandeliers, all of which come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors to match your existing decor.


Pendant Lighting

One of the hottest trends in contemporary design, pendant lights are fixtures that hang from the ceiling and are supported by a chain, a cord or a metal rod. Pendant light fixtures are often designed to feature multiple light shades which are typically constructed of glass, acrylic or fabric, but can also be made of wood and other unusual materials.

Pendant lights can be used for both ambient and task lighting, and come in a variety of trendy, contemporary designs. Some pendant lights are artistically created as functional show-pieces for your room, and can resemble pieces of custom-made sculpture.



When you think of chandeliers, you may automatically picture a huge ornate fixture hung heavily with crystal pendants and worthy of gracing the foyer of a stately manor house. Today’s chandeliers, however, are anything but stately and formal. They can be as casual, glamorous, funky and trendy as you want them to be. For a custom designed look, try a chandelier that’s hung with acrylic disks in shades of white, silver or gold. For a casual effect, consider a wicker or a wrought iron chandelier for your living room or den.



Lighting fixtures don’t all have to be suspended from the walls and ceiling. Multi-tiered torchiere floor lamps add a contemporary touch to any design scheme, and come in a wide variety of colors and styles. For a modern, Art Deco-influenced look, try a torchiere with shades of Lalique-inspired frosted glass, or a black and white torchiere with rectangular shades. For a bit of drama, consider a sculpture-like torchiere with hanging round glass balls. Likewise, you can bring in a hint of nostalgia with a 1950s-inspired torchiere made up of colorful cone-shaped lampshades in bright colors.


Globe Lights

Globe-shaped glass lighting shades are a hugely popular design trend and are used in pendant lighting, chandeliers and torchiere floor lamps. These round glass shades come in all sizes and colors, from clear and frosted glass to blue, red, pink, yellow, purple, green and even black. For task lighting, try using a clear glass globe for maximum light concentration.


Task and Ambient Lighting

Many contemporary light fixtures can be used for both task and ambient lighting. You can also combine a mix of task and ambient lighting by installing several ambient light fixtures near your main source of task lighting; just make sure that your task light has a dimmer switch so that you can bring the lights down to create a bit of atmospheric mood lighting for your room.

By simply updating your lighting fixtures, you’ll be able to achieve the look of an entire room make-over. For maximum energy efficiency, just remember to choose fixtures that use quality LED, CFL and other types of energy-efficient bulbs. You’ll be amazed at how fresh and modern your room will suddenly look thanks to the addition of a few contemporary floor lamps and light fixtures.


Nina Marlowe is an interior designer who specializes in lighting. She enjoys writing on the subject, sharing her knowledge on a range of decor blogs. See for a wide range of lighting.


Putting the spark into your home – Lighting installation tips [Guest Post]

Having the right lighting can make a world of difference in your home. Perhaps your home office is a bit too dim for reading those vital documents, or maybe your kitchen’s florescent lights are too harsh and are giving you a headache. Being familiar with the different types of lighting will help you solve this problem.

Ceiling Lights: The Centrepiece

In general, ceiling lights act as the main source of lighting in a room. This means that you have a lot of choice in terms of the brightness and intensity of the light. Different types of ceiling lights can really change the mood of a room, ranging from a soft, relaxing glow to a harsh, direct beam for precise work.

One common type of ceiling light is track lighting, which is most commonly found in home offices or craft areas because of it gives off intense light that is good for close work. Here, light bulbs are set into a metal track in a row and the angle of each light can be changed to light up a particular area.

Another common ceiling light is florescent lighting, which consists of long tubular bulbs set into the ceiling. This type is know for both its efficiency and harshness, so it’s often used in places like basements where the mood isn’t so important.

Additionally, recessed lighting features bulbs that are set in alcoves up in the ceiling and usually line the edges of the ceiling to create a softer glow.

Finally, you can also have ceiling fan lights or chandeliers, which give off a softer light as well as blending well with the style of the room.

Other Types of Lighting

To supplement ceiling lights, many people add attractive floor and tabletop lamps when more light is needed, such as for reading or working on projects where precise work is needed like in cooking or sewing. You can find a wide variety of lamps at any furniture store, so you can shop around and choose a style that suits your decoration style.

How to Install

The first step to installing any lighting fixture is to turn off the electricity to the room where you will be working and use a tester to make doubly sure. If you begin working while the power is still on, you could get a nasty electric shock that can land you in the hospital.

Then, the next step is to have the proper tools to get started. You will need a razor and a screwdriver, as well as a stepladder if you need to reach up high. You make sure you have all of the parts that came with the fixture when you purchased it.

To begin, strip the wires on their corresponding markings. Then, install the mounting hardware using your screwdriver and the included screws. Establish an electrical connection by connecting the ground wires using a wire nut. Then screw in the fixture, the bulb and the globe. Test by turning on the power and turning the light on.

To help you, you can also follow the instructions provided with the fixture. Though the basic process is the same, there may be additional steps based on the type of light that you bought. Either way, it’s easy to install a light and the right one can make a world of difference for the ambiance of a room.


Lighting Solutions for Small Spaces

Many homes and flats in the UK are cozy and inviting, but they can lack adequate natural light. Therefore, home designers look for creative ways to increase this light by including simple lighting solutions to each room. Adding the right kind of light to a small space can give it the ambiance of a larger room in your home. Adding too much can make it seem stark and uninviting.

To help you design a home space that brings light back into your life, here are some possible lighting options that work well in small spaces.

Light From Above

One of the best ways to light up a small space is by using pendant lighting. There are a couple reasons for this. First, pendant lighting reduces the need to have standing lamps or tables for setting up lamps, because they hang from the ceiling. Second, there are multiple varieties of pendant lights that can meld with any home décor. From tiny glass pendant hanging lights to oversized natural fabric pendant lights, you can find a lighting solution for any size home.

Vintage Lighting Accessories

In terms of home design, vintage lighting options are making a comeback. Vintage lamps and wall sconces from the fifties and sixties feature plenty of golden glamour that can mix well with modern furniture elements. Try finding vintage lights at flea markets and antique shops, clean them up, and replace worn cords with fresh wiring.

Chandeliers with Charm

There’s nothing like a sparking chandelier to bring light into a home. Choose classic brass and crystal chandeliers, or get a modern version that operates with a remote control. Make sure you choose the right size chandelier for the room type. Entryways and bedrooms look good with small hanging chandeliers, while dining rooms and living rooms can have impact with a larger size chandelier.

Modern Lighting Choices

In many of the world’s best designed homes, recessed and track lighting are appearing on the scene again. These can be perfect for kitchens, offices and bedrooms where lighting options are limited in most homes. The good thing is that recessed lighting and track lights are relatively inexpensive and they can be installed in a matter of hours. Get yours in a variety of color choices and try looking for those that use energy efficient bulbs for energy savings.

Oversized Wall Sconces

The trend in home design is bringing art into the mix with oversized wall pieces that include sculptural metal work and wall sconces. Choose those that are either electric or use candles to light up the space in your home. This makes wall sconces suitable for any room in your place, and versatile for future design changes.

Under Cabinet Lights

Your kitchen can be an area that needs more illumination, particularly if its cramped. To accomplish this design upgrade, install low cost under cabinet lights that can be flipped on with a button anytime you need a little more light. Add them to your bathrooms, inside closets and the pantry areas to improve the function of these spaces.

By adding cool lighting elements to each space in your home, you can make your place a lot more enjoyable to entertain and spend time in. Choose lighting styles that bring out the best in your other home furnishings and don’t be afraid to experiment with vintage and modern pieces.

About the Author: Richard Tucker has been writing about home décor and design for many years. When he’s not writing, you can find Richard working as an engineer, designing energy efficient elevator parts for KONE Spares.