Simple Ways To Prepare Your Bedroom For Summer

Simple Ways To Prepare Your Bedroom For Summer

With summer on its way, warmer climes are inevitable, but higher temperatures can encourage restless sleep, making it harder to drift off. If you have not done so already, now is the time to pack away those extra covers and bed socks and prepare your bedroom for the warmer weather! Here are a few simple ways to ensure you are getting a good night’s rest and relaxation during these warmer nights.



To create a cool oasis, remove any chunky and dark accessories from your room like thick rugs, faux-fur throw pillows, and thick thermal curtains. These accessories are perfect for creating snug interiors during the colder months, however for warmer and brighter months, you want a space that reflects an airy and summery feel. Replace wintery items with ones that make you feel like you are in a different country. This could include fresh cut flowers, vibrant succulents in mismatched pots or simply swapping curtains for a soft grey venetian blind.


Your 13.5 tog duvet may have kept you snug and warm during those chilly nights, however it is time to swap it out for a lighter summer duvet, ideally a more breathable 4.5 or 7.5 tog. Higher tog duvets will only have you shuffling and moving around all night as the heat will be retained underneath.

To get into the summer mood, brightly coloured bedsheets made from breathable, light fabrics will help you drift off into dreamland before you know it – cobalt blue and white are reminiscent of a Santorini villa, for example.

Your mattress sheet can also be changed to one made from natural fibres and a lower thread count, (a thread count of 300-400 is perfect for summer), or try a smart mattress topper which claim to keep you at optimal body temperature throughout the night.

Sleep Tech

Sometimes, no matter how light your sheets are, or how open your windows may be, there are times where you are simply too hot to sleep. This is where technology comes to the rescue. Sleep monitoring apps like Sleep Cycle can also be helpful to uncover the times you are at your most rested, or not, so you can work out if something is or isn’t helping.

Other than nights getting warmer, you may find your room getting brighter earlier. In this case, sleeping aids may just mean a good quality sleep mask!

Furniture positioning

During the summer months, the sun rises earlier. You could consider improving your interior design by moving your furniture around to create a space where you can sleep without the sun blinding you such as moving your bed to face away from the window. If you like getting ready at a dressing table, position this piece of furniture nearer to the window as the natural light will make all the difference to your daily routine, once you are ready to embrace it.

By planning your Summer bedroom to bring the outside in and keep it light, bright and airy, you should  find that you really enjoy the refreshed space  – but more importantly benefit from a sold, well rested night’s sleep!



Beautiful Balcony Decoration and Use Ideas

balconyOpen-air spaces are known to provide a great chance where you can enjoy some cool weather without having to do much. Upstairs balconies are even a more amazing oasis where you can escape from all the stresses, noises and prying eyes happening elsewhere. Whilst most of the balconies are small in size, it could be a tough thing to settle on what would seem best on your balcony decoration process while concurrently suiting your taste. However, from the verdant greenscaped scenery to a much more modern and clean contemporary appearance, any type of space could be taken to new levels with a little bit of touch. Below are few ideas on how you can decorate your balcony.

Turn it to a beautiful room you can enjoy during your day

You can place a couple of lounge chairs or a hammock on your balcony to generate a relaxing ambiance and space where you can take in some city sights or enjoy your book. Add bright weather-resistant lean-backs or pillows to your lounge chairs for more color. You can add some succulents to give you some more good moods too. Besides the chairs, you can also put a small bed on your balcony to enjoy some afternoon nap. This is more applicable if you reside in a two-storey house because the balcony size is usually big in size.

Make it a dining place to enjoy your food and views

Here, you can put a bistro table and some chairs if you have enough space. This enables you to have your dinner peacefully or take some drinks with friends while you view the city. You can choose some high table chairs and table so that your view is not masked by the balcony’s railing.

Grow plants on your balcony to give it more color and life

If you enjoy gardening or the lush green color that plants have, you can consider growing greens or vegetables like tomatoes on your balcony. You can also plant herbs such as basil, oregano or rosemary to add a more green effect. For a pop of color, put planters on your balcony’s ledge and grow flowers like petunias and begonias. However, for all these plant varieties to thrive, you must ensure that they rhyme with the sun conditions on your veranda.

Decorate it for kids

If you have less space, try making your balcony an area where kids can enjoy their chalkboard. Place a sizeable chalkboard and a small chair where your kids can paint, draw or learn some new things. A chalkboard is a good way to keep your kids entertained and busy during the day or after school. If the chalkboard cannot fit in the space, try fixing up some colorful seats and play toys where your kids can relax and enjoy.

Creating a balcony decoration requires some imagination and creativity. It may be a daunting task at first, but once you put your whole mind into it, you will find that the work is just a piece of cake. You will also notice that your balcony has a great potential for decoration purposes.


3 Accessories For The Home

When it comes to interior design, the most fun part for many is buying accessories. Once you have chosen the large pieces such as wallpaper and furnishings such as a sofa, the smaller accessories and little touches that truly make it your space will be next on your list. A lot of the time you browse round the shops and see this one accessory that you just have to have, which often inspires you to make some changes. Here are some popular accessories and easy ways to add personality to your home:

Photo frames

Pictures of fun times you have had with family and friends should always be displayed in your home. Photo frames have changed so much from the boring, dull looking frames that were once the only thing available, however you can now get lots of funky shapes and pretty colours that create the perfect display.


Of course having lights around the room is necessary so you can see on a night, but they are also pieces that look like they could be art available. From glittering chandeliers to unique table lamps and much more, there is lots of choice on offer from Arrow Electrical. Choosing chrome adds a modern feel to a room whilst you can keep it more traditional and go for brass; it all just depends on your taste.


These soft furnishings can be added in a living area or your bedroom and are not only really comfy to lie on but look brilliant too. No matter what your personality is like or your favourite colour, you will find a cushion that will match it. You can even design your own cushion covers online, so you could put a picture of just about anything on one to get something truly unique.


Make Your House A Home

Making a home seem well ‘homely’ is easier said than done. We all have our own ideas about exactly what makes us feel like we are at home, whether it is a collection of scatter cushions or that one chipped mug you can not live without. One way to make a home your own is to start putting your own stamp on it, from picture collages to creating the perfect garden, here are our top tips.

1. Get Framing
There is nothing better than looking at old photos and enjoying the memory of times past. Whether it is a night out or a special occasion, photos capture the times that we want to remember (and some we may want to forget!) Frame your favourite photos and place them around your home to instantly make it feel more homely. A creative photo collage is a great way of putting together all of your favourite pics, choose a quirky frame to really make a statement.

2. Get Colourful
Magnolia is out and bright, bold colours are definitely in! When it comes to decorating your home, make sure that you choose the colours that you want – not what you think you should have. Colour affects your mood therefore bright blues, yellows, purples or any other colour you can think of will make your home a nicer place for you to spend time in. Create different atmospheres with different colour schemes; do not be afraid to go a little wild!

3. Get Outside
If you have outdoor space take advantage of it and create a space that you will want to spend time in. Add colour with flowers and ensure that your garden is ready for socialising with lights and garden furniture. A shed is a great addition to a garden and adds extra storage space, simply find the right timber supplies and get planning!

DIY Interior

Dealing With Rough Wall Surfaces

First off I would like to say that I am not recommending here a solution to major problems with walls suffering from cracks and damp – these really should be addressed as issues in their own rights and simply pasting over them will never address the problems.

However, if you have a room with older walls where the plaster is rough and showing signs of age – the surfaces are rough and there are places where some plaster has flaked away. In this instance there is an option to removing the plaster and having the room re-plastered (potentially by a specialist) which can add time and cost to a project, the alternative is to use lining paper which can be added to a wall before decorative wallpaper is added.

Tip: The thicker the paper the greater the ability to address roughness in the wall surface.

Lining paper is available in a range of grades, the higher the grade the thicker the lining paper. The 1700 and 2000 grades are at the “thicker end” of the spectrum while the 1000 and 1200 grades are great general use grades for homes.

Tip: As the thickness of the lining paper grade increases it can be more difficult to apply to the walls. For home DIY projects it can be advised to use an intermediate thickness.

Lining paper is used on walls of rough and varying surface texture to provide a smooth surface which can be wallpapered over. Lining paper needs to be soaked before application to the wall so if you have had experience putting up wallpaper then you should be ok with using lining paper.

Tip: For those with less DIY experience or if you’ve had a “wallpaper nightmare” in the past you can get paste-the-wall lining paper which is an easier way of applying the paper directly to a pre-pasted wall.

As well as providing the base to provide a smooth surface onto which you can lay decorative wallpaper, the lining paper can help improve the quality of your decorative finish as the lining paper helps reduce shrinkage in the laid wallpaper and prevent peeling – this is particularly beneficial if you have invested in expensive designer wallpaper, an instance when placing some interior design budget into lining paper can be advisable.

The equipment you’ll need for putting up lining paper will be very similar to those for wallpapering, so in addition to the rolls of paper and the adhesives you will also need a paste brush, scissors/Stanley knife and a wallpapering table will be a big help!

All home decoration projects have costs and if re-plastering is not an option and the wall is suffering from some bumps and irregularities then lining paper can be a great alternative and one which should be able to fit into a well-prepared budget.

This was a Guest Post by CoverYourWall. A UK based company selling thermal liners, lining paper and DIY soundproofing online.


Pros And Cons Of Striped Wallpaper

Striped wallpaperWhen you go browsing through homeware shops and online stores you come across a vast array of wallpaper designs to choose from. It can be a difficult decision to make as you find various so many that you like. It is actually interesting to look around as you find so much more diversity in the range of choices than you think is available. One thing that caught my eye was a collection of striped wallpaper I stumbled upon. I was drawn to the busy pattern that just looked really cool! When you analyse the design there are definitely some pros and cons to this bold choice.


  • The first one that came straight to my mind is that it just looks awesome! How many peoples homes do you enter and see stripy wallpaper? Not many is the answer for me as I have honestly never seen it before. It just screams out look and me and would create a fantastic statement feature wall within a modern looking living room.
  • The next is the number of colour combination that it comes in. Choosing wallpaper that blandly features one block or shades of that same colour is an obvious choice and doesn’t help out as much when it comes to picking furnishings. I came across a teal, brown and beige combo that looks fantastic and you can use these three colours for everything else.
  • Any girl will know that horizontal stripes are not always the most flattering design when it comes to picking out a top or dress and it can make you look wider. What might be a negative in ladies fashion is a positive within interior design! The horizontal stripes will make the room appear wider than it actually is, great for expanding the room without hiring builders to knock down walls. Vertical will of course make the room feel as though you have higher ceilings, so plus points with both ways you choose!


  • The two different ways to hang striped wallpaper have a positive but this can also turn into a negative. If you are decorating within a small space, placing bold and overpowering horizontal stripes will not make the room look wider. It will make it appear cramped and even dark depending on the colours you use.
  • If you are fortunate enough to have a large house, choosing thin stripes that have a barcode like effect will be too busy across a large wall. You may regret it every time you walk into the room and your eyes feel dazzled!

After weighing up which room in your home you want them to go in and working out the design you want, it is safe to say that stripes look great and guests coming into your home will be impressed.

Furniture Interior

Organise Your Beauty Goodies With Elegant Dressing Tables

Organising and storing beauty products is a daunting task faced by most of the people. Most of the beauty products are to be protected from moisture, direct sunlight and some cases from our own kids. Hence there is a need to have furniture where all these products can be neatly organised without cluttering the room. A dressing table serves this very purpose.

Mirror TableA dressing table is a furniture which is usually given last priority while decorating bedroom. Normally people first purchase bed, wardrobe and chest which is considered to be an integral part of bedroom and if there is extra space then they go in for a dressing table. Since most of the modern villas and apartments are in short of space, wardrobe with storage and built in mirror is becoming a trend. But for those of us who consider a dressing table not only as a necessity but also a décor piece, there are different types available in the market.

The dressing table can be large, draped and kidney shaped table or it can be antique Victorian and French table. The Victorian and French table are characterised by their elaborate mirror and beautiful carvings and are ideal for large rooms. Art-déco tables are ideal for small rooms. There are different ways in which dressing table can be decorated. If the table is antique or French then it is better to leave it as such as the table itself acts as a décor piece. Other types of table can be decorated with jewelry boxes, candle holders, photo frame, perfume etc. Different types of mirror like half length, three faced, oval, rectangle etc are available. It can either come as a set along with the table or in some cases it needs to be bought separately. While selecting the table one should be careful that it matches the décor theme of the bedroom. If the bed, wardrobe etc are antique, then one should go in for antique dressing table. If white bed andwhite wardrobeis used then the dressing table should also be white in color.

Dressing table can be made of different types of wood. It can be made of hard wood like birch, oak and teak or it can be made of soft wood like pine and cedar. Even though hard wood is more expensive than soft wood, it is always better to go for hard wood tables as these are long lasting.

A careful selection of the table taking into consideration the theme, size, budget etc can make your bedroom a place of envy. Thanks to the numerous online shopping portals available, purchasing a dressing table is no more a tedious job. At the click of the mouse your dream dressing table is all yours.

Author Bio: The author Susan Johns is a freelance content writer specialising in home/interior décor writing. With over 5 years experience in the field of furniture and home decor, she has written numerous articles and blogs in this area. Please visit her blog

Interior Remodel

5 Tips To Keep In Mind When Seeking Bids For A Home Remodel [Guest Post]

Remodelling Tips90% of “ad-on” work can be avoided in the bidding process.  Always write out a detailed description of the work you are looking to have performed, and provide it to ALL contractor’s bidding the job.  If the scope changes during a “walk through” with one bidding contractor, be sure to call other bidders to convey the changes.  You will only be able to make an informed decision about what you are paying for if ALL bidders are providing estimates on the same line items and level of quality.

Any contractor who missed things in the walk through that was noticed or mentioned by another contractor should heighten your awareness about both contractors.  The one who missed it may be looking for extras later or not as capable as he let on; the one who pointed it out may be the person you are looking for despite the price difference.

Always get at least three similar estimates.  It is your responsibility to choose the right person for the job.  You can only do this by committing yourself to the bidding process on the front end.  The three bids should be from companies of equal caliber – same size, same qualifications, same quality clientele, etc.

When getting an estimate, begin your interview process on the initial phone call.  If the contractor does not answer the phone or return your phone calls, cross them off your list and move on.  Do not look back.

Ask as many questions as you can before scheduling an estimate.  Your time is valuable and you can save much of it by pre-screening people before you meet them.

If a contractor cannot provide any references for the specific type of work being bid, he may not be right for that project.  Be sure to call the references when they are provided. If the contractor, or home remodel company  does not have reference from similar past work, it can mean that they either have never done that specific type or job, or executed it with poor quality.  Either way it is a red flag to be wary of.  If you live in the south-western United States, a san diego home remodeler is a great place to start due to the high concentration of high value homes in that region.


Brighten Up Your Home With A Mirror [Guest Post]

MirrorsAs well as their obvious reflective ability for checking out your appearance, mirrors can be also be used in the home to create an illusion of light and space, whilst also adding a focal point to your room and having highly decorative abilities.

If your room feels like it needs brightening up and some energy adding to it, rather than investing time and money into redecorating the entire room, you might consider adding a well-positioned mirror. The right mirror, in the right place can transform a room.

Available space – The first thing you need to consider is where a mirror could go in your room. This may mean moving existing items such as artwork, clocks or photographs, or you may already have a clear wall that would be ideal for a nice large mirror. Consider focal points such as over a fireplace, at the end of a hallway, behind a bed and so forth. Once you have the ideal space, this will help you determine the size of the mirror you can opt for, as to brighten a room with your mirror you need as large a mirror as the décor of your room can take. It may be that wall space is limited and so a freestanding mirror is your only option.

Time of day – Think about the time of day that you will be using the room and consider whether any natural light comes into the room at this particular time of the day. If space permits, position a mirror so that the light shines on as much of the mirror surface as possible. The mirror will then bounce this natural light into the room, helping to brightening in the best way possible, with natural light. Using mirrors with bevels or multiple pieces of glass will help to maximize the spread of light, reflecting the rays back at various angles.

Mirror design – Mirrors come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, designs and colours. Of course when considering the design of your mirror, you need one that compliments the design style of your room, though still bear in mind that the purpose of the mirror is to lift and brighten the décor. Dark coloured, thick and heavy frames should therefore be avoided. Instead opt for fine frames finished in white, silver or light colours, so that as much glass can been as possible. Better, select a glass framed mirror so that the mirror retains style but you also gain maximum reflective quality.

Position of lights – It may be that your room has limited natural light, or that your primary use of the room is at night and you are therefore reliant on artificial lighting to illuminate the space. In order to use artificial lighting to help brighten your home, you should position lights so that they point towards the corners of the room at the ceiling, this will help to lift and open the room. Much like with natural light you should take note of where the light falls within the room and position a mirror to pick up and reflect the light back out into the room. Do not shine a light directly into a mirror as this will reflect a dazzling light straight back out and will be blinding to anyone nearby. Likewise a picture uplighter under a mirror does not brighten a room, in fact it has the opposite effect as it focuses the light in that one place, drawing the room in to that focal point.

By following these simple steps, a mirror is therefore a great way to help brighten your home. It is relatively inexpensive, can have terrific aesthetic qualities and the additional light can give the illusion of additional space.
Author Bio:Jo Betts – interior design enthusiast and professional, who loves sharing her thoughts and knowledge about design. Jo also owns an online mirror store:

Exclusive Mirrors is a specialist online shop that sells just mirrors. With over ten years experience they consider themselves to be experts in the mirrors industry.

All of the views and opinions within this article are those of the Author Jo Betts.