Safeguard Your Abode by Installing Quality Wooden Gates

If you have decided to build a stylish entryway that can make the exterior portion of your home look modern and trendy, you can always think of installing wooden gates. Believe it or not, if you choose the right type of gate that can absolutely compliment your property, it is bound to stand out of the crowd. In fact, there are different types of wood with different trendy designs which you can choose for your fence. You can get rustic gates or those having sleek patterns and therefore lend a modern look to your home.


Take care of the fence


  • If you are planning to design a wooden gate, you need to first ensure that the fence and the walls lying adjacent to the gate are having proper designs. There are some who prefer to blend the style of the fence and the gate so that it can give rise to a subtle entrance.
  • Those who have farm fence, picket fence or panel fence usually tries to keep the gate ensuring that the style and wood of the fence can match up to it. If you are having gates that match up with the wooden fences, you will be required to design a gate which will act as a smaller section of the gate. If you need to alter the designs, you can do so to increase or cut down the height of the fence.


Choosing the right type of wood

If you start researching for the right type of wood for installing wooden gates, you can always consider pine and oak. These materials score high in terms of durability and hence assure to keep your gate stand strong for lifetime. On the other hand, if you are looking for materials with deep colored finishes, cedar or cherry can be good choices.

To make your entrance look grand, you can make use of these materials with wrought iron hardware. Just make sure to use an all-weather finish no matter what type of wood you are considering. Your fence will last longer and will therefore attain an authentic look.


Get quality wooden gates from Hampshire

If you are looking forward to install wooden gates for your home, you can go online and get in touch with Hampshire wooden gate dealers online. In fact, you will find the best wooden gates in Hampshire by taking help of these representatives.


Factors To Consider When Installing Gates

If you are like many homeowners, you will understand the importance of security. As such one of the most basis and simple ways of increasing such security is to install new gates to the vulnerable access points around the home and garden.

With such a vast array of styles and designs on offer, it is essential that careful consideration if taken in order to specify the correct ones. There is no point installing a product that you think is going to provide security only to find out it was not up to the job when it really mattered most.

As such by taking into account some of the following factors you should be easily able to specify the correct gates to your home.

Location of the Gates

Depending upon the location the gates are going to be installed will depend upon the best types available. Starting from the street, most homes tend to have at least one pedestrian access point and one vehicular access point.

With this in mind, the majority of single gates tend to only be around 3ft in height and act more as a psychological barrier than offering any real security as they can be easily climber over. The same can also be said about low driveway gates. Where these differ however is they will securely protect your car preventing it being removed from the drive without your knowledge.  For the most effective security possible, the installation of taller metal gates is the ideal solution however as this is not always possible, anything is better than nothing at all.

Design of the Gates

Gates should be selected on the design that best fits the architectural design of the home. There is no point putting an ornate design into a modern setting because it will look strange. The easiest way to find the correct design is to look at the overall look of the home and try and match the gates style to that. For example, a home with clean lines will benefit more  from a simple basic vertical design gate being installed whereas the reverse would be true if installing into a period property or country cottage.

Gate Materials

Even though most gates look very similar from a distance, once you get up close there are big differences in the quality and grade of the materials used to construct them from. With cheap gates being flimsy and easily bent, it is often a false economy to install them as they will more than likely need replacing in no time at all. For a high quality metal gate, the frames should be made from box sections for strength and stability and the infill bars should be a between 10mm – 16mm thick.


Most basic gates do not offer a locking facility and therefore benefit from being upgraded with either a mortice deadlock or some form of padlock. This way you can be sure that they will remain closed at all times when access is not required.

In conclusion, with a wide range of products available to increase the levels of security you can benefit from, one of the easiest and most affordable solutions is to install some metal driveway gates or garden gates to your homes vulnerable access points.

Garden Gates

Finding The Perfect Gates For Your Garden

Garden GatesIf you own a splendid garden with lots of various landscaped plants, then you need to secure it with a garden gate. Gates can protect the perimeter of your gardens property and also help improve the look of your garden. No matter how stunning your garden looks, you need a good looking gate. If your gate is old and has its hinges falling off for example, it will be a minus on your side. Gates may seem insignificant, but they can spoil the entire beauty of your garden if not given proper attention. A simple garden gate can make a remarkable difference in the overall look of your garden.

Garden gates come in various types which can be functional and extremely stunning. They are made from wood, iron, steel, and in some cases brass and copper. No matter what your specifications are, you can find the gate that will meet your garden expectations.

The first thing you should take into consideration when choosing your garden gate is the purpose it is going to serve. This is very significant as it will help you choose the perfect gate that will match your garden. Your choice of both design and material will heavily rely on this. For instance, if you have pets or small kids living in your home, you will opt for safety when designing the gate. Whether it’s a front garden gate or a back garden gate, ensure you make a wise decision to give your garden a thrilling look it deserves.

Front garden gates should be small and beautiful, letting everyone passing by your home and garden see how breathtaking your garden is. The gates should serve as the accent to your front garden, displaying and not hiding the elegance behind its walls. Since this is the gate that will serve as the main entry point, make sure you choose the gate that is made from quality material in order to ensure its longevity. If you opt for a wooden gate, you should be prepared to take proper care as it will require good maintenance for it to last longer than usual.

Back garden gates should be well secured and made from sturdy materials to ensure the safety of your garden particularly if you have a shed or green house. This is vital since it will keep intruders off your garden. This however doesn’t mean your garden has to be unattractive; there are many back garden designs that you can choose to give your garden its beauty. You will find a thrilling gate that will perfectly suit and transform your garden.

The gate is the first thing that makes an impression when people pass by your home, so it has to measure to functional needs as well aesthetic. In case you live in an area where there is a neighbourhood association, you can check out with the design review committee of any restrictions or specifications you may have. Many associations have a number of rules to be followed before a home owner starts installing a gate.