Top 5 Tips for Small Gardens during Lockdown

We know your pain. You’re in lockdown due to Coronavirus and you have time to pass. You can’t wait to get out into the garden and start making changes and planting new flowers and shrubs. But you get out there and find that your green space is smaller than you remembered it, or it doesn’t quite have the room you expected for all your grand garden plans! Fear not – we are here to give you our top 5 tips for getting the most out of small gardens. From useful lawn care advice to planting tips, we’ve got it covered.

Make the Lawn Beautiful

The lawn is the absolute centrepiece of any garden. It is what you notice first and if it isn’t cared for, it will drag down the look of the whole space. No matter whether you have acres or a few feet, if you make your lawn beautiful it will make your garden more inviting and a more enjoyable place to spend time in. You can achieve a lush lawn in a number of ways, but it boils down to DIY or hiring a professional. Both have their benefits, but if you want to have the most stunning lawn and consistent treatments throughout the year, we would recommend leaving it to an expert. However, if you want to get your green fingers on your lawn, there are plenty of DIY guides out there. Make sure you regularly rake, mow and water your garden for the nicest lawn that will have your neighbours green with envy!

Keep it Simple

Try not to overpower or over-plant your garden if you are struggling on space. Sticking to a few statement plants or trees will not only make your garden look more stylish and chic, but it will give the impression of space and openness. Make a few trees or plants the central focus of your garden and then create symmetry around this. If you have a lot of plants it can quickly appear cramped and make your small space even smaller. Having fewer plants also means you can take a little less time tending to the garden and more time enjoying it.

Use Height to Your Advantage

Climbing plants, multi-layered planters, garages and walls are the friends of small gardens. Anything that you can do to extend your garden upwards is a good thing. This gives you considerably more space to be creative. Having plants growing upwards will also give you more privacy from neighbours if you are living in close quarters with other flats or homes. There are many structures available that allow you to plant fruit, vegetables or flowers in a multi-storey way. Hanging baskets are also an easy option when adding plants to your garden at different height levels. Take advantage of all these options and don’t be restricted to the single level landscape of your small garden.

Furniture with Multiple Uses

If you have room to add some seating to your garden, ensure it has multiple purposes that can be used throughout the year. If you don’t do this, you are missing out on a huge space-saving aspect of your garden. There are benches available which double-up as storage boxes, for you to pack away gardening equipment or other garden accessories. If you are getting chairs for the garden, make sure they are stack-able or fold away to become smaller. It is also better to buy garden furniture which can be left out all year round, as you may not have the storage room to put them away during winter months.

Trick the Eye

One way to make your garden appear bigger than it is, is to use elements which accentuate and enlarge your garden. Think reflective surfaces, shiny plant pots and light colours throughout. If you are having some paving or gravel, make sure it is beige or a similar shade to open up the space and make it feel lighter. Mirrors in the garden not only make it feel more stylish and add an element of interior design, they also make you think there is more space than there really is. As much light and reflection you can bring to your back garden, the better. It’s all about the illusion!



How to Build an Elegant and Expensive-Looking Garden with a Limited Budget


Gardens can easily attract attention because they often sit in front of properties. This means they play a great role in boosting your home’s value as well as its appeal. Keeping your garden in top shape, however, requires time, effort and money. If you are on a tight budget, this can pose a big challenge.

Fortunately, you don’t always have to burn holes in your wallet just to build and maintain an expensive-looking garden. In case you are wondering how, these few tricks can give you a clearer idea.


If there is an area in your garden that requires extensive and expensive renovation, you can use screening as a temporary solution. Apart from that it hides the unpleasant areas of your garden, it also enhances privacy.

Screening doesn’t have to involve building additional fences and tall walls. In fact, plants can work just as great. Bamboo, for example, can add height and make you fee closer to nature. In case you are looking for planters and boxers, you can try boxwood. For additional height, try to choose containers that are tall and slender.

Build better storage

The more gardening tools you have, the messier your lawn looks. This is particularly true if you don’t have any decent storage built. Aside from being unattractive, such clutter can also render your garden looking cheap and neglected- even if you didn’t mean it that way.


Instead of keeping your tools just about every part of your garden, it’s a good idea to pick a dedicated space for them. There are tons of DIY storage you can do or, if budget permits, you can purchase one from your local shop. Just make sure that the storage you will be buying or building will make it easier for you to access your tools. You wouldn’t want a storage that’s really neat-looking but is a bit hard to get tools from.

Get synthetic grass

Getting an artificial lawn for your garden can take guts, especially if you’ve been used to natural grass for so long. You’ll have to deal with the installation costs and the side comments from your nosy neighbors.

Despite these adjustments, synthetic turf isn’t all that bad. In fact, it’s convenient, cost-efficient and friendly to the environment. It doesn’t require constant maintenance as well which means you can forget about mowing every weekend.

There are synthetic gardens perfect for urban areas so you won’t have to worry even if you live in the big cities. These gardens usually come drainage holes that can prevent water from accumulating in areas where it shouldn’t be. You also get to choose the shape and size of the blades so you can get natural looking grass for your garden all year.

Upcycle furniture

You don’t always have to spend a huge amount of cash just to make your garden look expensive. If you have old pieces of furniture, you can upcycle them to save money.

Old wooden table and chairs, for example, can be buffed, painted and polished to give them a new look and feel. You can even turn your kid’s old bicycle as a planter and place it near your garden’s entrance. You can also make a small pond using old tires. Broken benches can be turned into swings while your old drawers can be used to house your vegetable gardens.


The nice thing about upcycling is that there’s virtually no limit as to what you can create. You also have a lot of control in terms of design and color. You’ll be less likely to throw out valuable items, too.


How to Bring the Indoors to the Outdoors with a Garden Awning

Awning 3When you think about our biggest national characteristics, the British love of gardens is surpassed only by our dislike of the changeable and frequently disappointing UK weather.

First it’s too cold, then it’s too wet, then finally it’s too hot to enjoy time outdoors, which means that much of the year is spent looking longingly at our gardens from behind a window. It doesn’t have to be this way though – a garden awning enables you to make the most of outdoors whatever the weather.

This means you can host parties, barbecues and other gatherings in the garden without looking nervously up at the skies every five minutes – secure in the knowledge you won’t be forced to retreat indoors clutching paper plates and punch bowls if the heavens open.

And it’s not just useful for big social occasions, because an awning also has plenty of everyday applications. It’s great for shielding you from the sun and the wind while you sit and read a book on a summer’s day – with all the benefits of fresh air without having the breeze turning your pages.

An awning also does an effective job of protecting your curtains and furniture from fading in the sun. And if you’re worried about the hassle of having to manually work your awning, you can now get remote control awnings, and even ones with clever light sensors, which unfold automatically when the sun is out.

Arguably though, it isn’t until the evenings that an awning really pays dividends. Teamed with a patio heater and outdoor lighting, an awning enables you to transform your evenings, creating a warm, inviting and comfortable environment.

As well as the practical benefits to your lifestyle of having one, modern awnings have a major aesthetic appeal for those interested in home and garden design. They are now available in so many styles – from classic Mediterranean inspired striped awnings to sleek modernist sail-like designs. You can also choose your own fabric from a selection of modern fade-resistant materials, to ensure you get the exact look you want.

Once you have an awning in place, you can really let your creative side run wild in bringing the indoor to the outdoors. An attractive table and chairs will be one of your most important buys to help you create a perfect outdoor eating area. You can then jazz up your seating area with colourful cushions, or by hanging white fairy lights from the awning above. For the perfect atmospheric late night party, you can get some thick woollen throws for your seats and add a fire bowl to really create a cosy, rustic setting.

Greg Larkin is MD of Cordula, a leading provider of patio awnings, glass verandas and garage doors in the UK.


Completing the Look of Your Landscaped Garden


Everybody wants to have a beautiful garden. Whether you are looking to spend the whole year round tending your plants, or if all you want out of it is a calm and relaxing space to sit outside in the summer, or just an open space where the children can run around your garden can be whatever you want it to be. Be it a canvas to work on or a space to do nothing, it’s all about you.

And so you put in the time, effort and money to get your garden landscaped just the way you want it. But once you’ve done all this and have that ideal garden, you’re not going to want tacky or poor quality garden buildings thrown in, are you?

The choice of buildings in your garden is just as important as the rest of the layout. Whether you just need a storage shed for your lawn chairs, or a potting shed with space all the tools and equipment you need to work your magic, it’s got to be of a quality and aesthetic level to compliment the rest of your garden.

As with most walks of life, there is little point in putting work into something only to plonk something cheap and ugly in the middle of it right at the end. Who wants to be sitting in the sun over the summer and being forced to look at a broken and rotting shed? Who wants to be sitting in a potting shed that is a damp and ugly eyesore in the middle of their beautifully tended garden?

It’s a choice about how best to compliment your landscaping. Plan ahead. Work out what buildings you are going to want and incorporate them into the design from the start. Make them part of the flow and overall look. If necessary adjust your designs accordingly to make sure that the buildings fit. You can hide them away or make them focal points. It’s up to you.

And if you’re putting in the effort, make sure that you invest in high quality garden buildings and furniture. It may cost a little more, but do not be drawn in by the temptations of false economy. Through your landscaping design you can make a garden that is as high or low maintenance as you desire, but if your garden buildings fall apart your only choice will be to replace them far sooner than you planned.


Gazebo replacement canopy brings new life to your canopy

Gazebo replacement canopy brings new life to your gazeboDo you enjoy the peace and enjoyment that you get when you are under your gazebo? Being under your gazebo is a different feeling that lounging around your pool. You get a sense of peace. You can go to your gazebo, take a book and read. Before you know it you have been reading for several hours. Time just passes away. It’s so nice to get away from the hectic work day at your gazebo.

A gazebo is often thought of a place of retreat, relation and even beginnings. A gazebo can mean many things to people. What do you think of when you hear ‘gazebo’? You would be surprised to know that it means more than just a shelter from the elements of the weather.

A new beginning

A gazebo is often used for weddings Wedding is a new start and beginning of life for a couple. The gazebo is normally round and decorated with beautiful white flowers. The flowers represent purity and innocence. The couple can say their vows in this circular gazebo. A circular gazebo mean there is no end as it continues around and around. This gazebo represents a new beginning and life.

A gazebo is used for mediation. When a gazebo is placed around the beauty of nature, then this makes an excellent place for those who mediate to do this in an area without distractions. It doesn’t have to be filled with a lot of furniture and objects. It just needs to be away from distractions. You can look out into the woods and let beauty of nature help you with mediation.

Bands use a gazebo to play in older towns. You can find a gazebo in the center of towns. The gazebo would be used for announcements, parties, celebration and for the band to play in. This was a tradition that many towns have passed down decade after decade.
Family gatherings

A family gathering is often down at the gazebo. You can enjoy a delightful dinner with the people you love. You are sheltered from the sun or rain. You are bringing the comfort from the indoors outdoors to your gazebo. Many gazebos are used for this purpose in the backyard or patio area.
Do you have a gazebo? If you do, then you know the covering lasts for years, but there comes a time when you have to think about a gazebo replacement canopy. The canopy just gets worn out and faded over years. No matter how often you clean it you still will have to replace it after years of use. The new canopy’s offers many options such as enclosure and lights. Whatever type of environment that you want to create with your gazebo you can do with your replacement canopy.
You can get a fantastic replacement at TheLAShop. The colors and styles are amazing. You know when the time is to replace your current canopy. Let your gazebo serve its purpose, but allow it to always look amazing.


Should Old Age Stop You From Enjoying Your Home?

iStock_000011119400MediumOld age does not mean the end. Rather, it can mean that you now have time to do all those things you always wanted to. You have worked hard for years so now really is the best time to enjoy the home you have spent years making your own. So whether you intend to stay active or just relax, follow these ideas for a great retirement.


Enjoy long baths

Sometimes, bathing in old age can lose its appeal as relaxation is replaced by fear of slipping, particularly if you have suffered a stroke or a heart attack. You might be concerned about slipping when trying to get in the bath, or not being able to get out again. But with a bath for elderly people, you can once again enjoy a leisurely soak without fearing the worst.

Get a hobby

With retirement might well come much more spare time. You’ve worked hard all your life and now is the time to enjoy what you have earned. Whatever size or style of house you have, you can now fully enjoy it, and getting a hobby might help to do just that. Whether there’s something you’ve always wanted to do but never quite had the time or you want to test yourself in different ways, your home is the perfect environment to embark on a hobby. Be it writing short stories or still life painting, there are many things you can do in your own time and in the comfort of your own home.


DIY does not have to involve heavy work such as laying bricks or demolishing sheds. It can be a good thing to do now that you have more spare time. If you have had that new door sitting in the garage for some time or feel that the walls could do with a new coat of paint then these are things that are easily doable. Of course, you can always get help with bigger tasks if you still want to do them.



Your retirement offers you the chance to really take care of your home. One way in particular of doing this is by keeping your garden in tip-top shape. Of course, you have to be aware of your limitations but it is fully possible to keep your garden looking great even if age is against you. Try to keep pots and plants at ground level to prevent you needing to work at different heights and invest in lightweight tools wherever possible.


What Makes A Great Garden Office

One home improvement many people forget to think about, is incorporating a garden office or studio into their garden. It will create a peaceful location to work in, or an ideal sanctuary to relax in. It will add value to your property and will be a great addition to your garden space. The people at Gembuild Garden Offices have sent us this Infographic. It is interesting to see that not all garden offices/rooms are built to such a high standard and can also cost just as much



5 Ways to an Easy Care Garden

Picture the perfect garden, and there’s a good chance it will involve a perfect lawn, tended flower beds and some interesting water features.  In reality though, most of us are grappling with a garden that looks more like a scene from a disaster movie. Although it’s unlikely that there really is a crashed plane in the flowerbeds, you can’t help thinking it’s doubtful you would have even noticed, so seldom do you manage to do any actual gardening.

So how can you create a perfect garden, with only the minimum of work?

Create a Central Feature

This can be anything that draws the eye to a focus point, and the rest of the garden can be planned around it. Try a raised flower bed built out of stone, and plant with easy care perennials such as  hostas, or peonies. These will flower every year with the minimum of maintenance. Alternatively, positioning an urn, statue, water feature or pagoda will also create interest, and can help you plan a theme for the garden.

Box Hedging

Box is a very easy to care for evergreen, and can be used in a variety of ways to create classical and formal features in the garden. Try planting box in attractive pots to position around a patio or decking area, or use box to design low level formal looking hedging, to contain other plants.


Laying a path or walkway is a very easy way of creating visual interest within a garden. The effect is to produce definition within a garden by making a clear division between soft planted areas or lawn, and draw our attention to other features by literally leading us there. A path can be edged with low maintenance lavender, for a romantic effect, or simply edged with lawn for a crisp and clean design. A path can be made from gravel, paving stone, brick, cobbles or even wood bark, but remember that weeds will sprout through any gaps and will need attention!

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has moved a long way from the lurid plasticky stuff once used by greengrocers, and is now being embraced even by garden designers.  Realistic and natural looking, artificial turf can now barely be distinguished from the real thing. As the lawn is one of the most time consuming garden tasks of all, installing artificial grass will seriously cut down time spent on mowing, watering and looking after a lawn. Even better, it lasts for over five years, and will remain spruce looking despite heavy foot traffic, children and animals. It can be easily laid yourself or by an artificial grass company, and come in a variety of different piles for uses and effects.


Weeds are the enemy of the time pressed gardener! Keep them down by covering areas of bare soil around plants with a mulch of wood chippings or landscape fabric. A mulch will also preserve any moisture in the soil, and so cut down the need for watering.

This article was written by Viviana Duvall, on behalf of Namgrass For more information about artificial turf, Viviana recommends that you visit


Making A Garden For A Small Apartment

It is always a privilege to own a garden in your home because of its associated beauty and environmental benefits. Most people who live in apartments find it hard to set up their own gardens due to various reasons such as lack of enough space and limited freedom since most apartments are rented. However, it is probably good news to learn that even with the limited space; you can still set up a garden in your apartment using the following tips and ideas.

How to make a garden in a container


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With the limited space in your apartment, you still have so many options to consider as you create a garden. A good example is the use of containers. In fact, this gives you the chance to be creative. You can decide to use football helmets, pots, old boots or watering cans. Once you identify the most suitable container to use, you have to paint it to match the color of your apartment. Depending on the appearance of your residence, you can decide to paint the container with a traditional or modern theme. However, always keep in mind that bright colors are better than dull ones since it is easy to notice them from a distance. Also create some small holes at the bottom of the container to allow the plant to regulate the amount of water required when watering them.

How to make a garden on the balcony or patio space

 Garden Container

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The balcony and patio are so far the best places to set up your home-based garden in your apartment. However, before you place your container at the balcony or patio space, the following should be done;

  • Use heavier pots if your balcony or patio space is prone to heavy winds.
  • Use trays to trap water if you have neighbors below your balcony or patio space.
  • Make sure the plants have adequate supply of sunlight for at least six hours a day.

Tips for beautifying your garden

After you have created the garden, you need to make it look beautiful. Try to add plants with different shapes, colors and growing patterns such as pansies and zinnias.  It is advisable to choose those types of plants that shoot upwards during growth and those ones that spread along the floor just to add some bit of creativity to your garden. You may also add some decorative features like wind chimes, sundial, pinwheels and statues just to make your garden look elegant than ever.

Watering tips

For the garden to remain beautiful and elegant, you need the best watering equipment in the market. There are so many places where you can buy them but none of them offers better deals than

This website gives you the chance to choose the latest irrigation systems for your home-based garden without spending too much money on them.

Garden Gates

Finding The Perfect Gates For Your Garden

Garden GatesIf you own a splendid garden with lots of various landscaped plants, then you need to secure it with a garden gate. Gates can protect the perimeter of your gardens property and also help improve the look of your garden. No matter how stunning your garden looks, you need a good looking gate. If your gate is old and has its hinges falling off for example, it will be a minus on your side. Gates may seem insignificant, but they can spoil the entire beauty of your garden if not given proper attention. A simple garden gate can make a remarkable difference in the overall look of your garden.

Garden gates come in various types which can be functional and extremely stunning. They are made from wood, iron, steel, and in some cases brass and copper. No matter what your specifications are, you can find the gate that will meet your garden expectations.

The first thing you should take into consideration when choosing your garden gate is the purpose it is going to serve. This is very significant as it will help you choose the perfect gate that will match your garden. Your choice of both design and material will heavily rely on this. For instance, if you have pets or small kids living in your home, you will opt for safety when designing the gate. Whether it’s a front garden gate or a back garden gate, ensure you make a wise decision to give your garden a thrilling look it deserves.

Front garden gates should be small and beautiful, letting everyone passing by your home and garden see how breathtaking your garden is. The gates should serve as the accent to your front garden, displaying and not hiding the elegance behind its walls. Since this is the gate that will serve as the main entry point, make sure you choose the gate that is made from quality material in order to ensure its longevity. If you opt for a wooden gate, you should be prepared to take proper care as it will require good maintenance for it to last longer than usual.

Back garden gates should be well secured and made from sturdy materials to ensure the safety of your garden particularly if you have a shed or green house. This is vital since it will keep intruders off your garden. This however doesn’t mean your garden has to be unattractive; there are many back garden designs that you can choose to give your garden its beauty. You will find a thrilling gate that will perfectly suit and transform your garden.

The gate is the first thing that makes an impression when people pass by your home, so it has to measure to functional needs as well aesthetic. In case you live in an area where there is a neighbourhood association, you can check out with the design review committee of any restrictions or specifications you may have. Many associations have a number of rules to be followed before a home owner starts installing a gate.