Tips On How To Have A Relaxing Living Room After Your Move

Moving can be stressful because it’ll require a lot of time, money and energy from you. As a mover, you have to think about hiring moving companies NYC, properly packing all of your valuables and making sure that all of these are transported properly. Once you arrive in your new home, you also have to unpack all of your moving boxes and arrange all of the items you bought with you. In short, you need to make your house feel like home after moving in – and creating a relaxing living room can be a great way to achieve that goal.

Most often than not, the living room is where you welcome your guests. This is the area of the house where you bond with your family members and create an impression as a homeowner. For some household members, the living room can also become their sanctuary for relaxation and comfort. You can accomplish all of these things by making sure that you have a relaxing living room. And here’s how you can do it:


1.Get rid of unnecessary decors.

Decors are important to any home, but this doesn’t mean that you should place all of what you own in your living room. Before moving out from your old home, declutter first and determine which among your decors can be disposed. Depending on the current trend and your style preferences, you might end up letting go of decors which are older old or too boring for you. Minimizing your decors don’t only create a relaxing living room, but this can also help you save money on your moving expenses especially if you’re hiring movers NYC.


2.Pay attention to your furniture arrangement.

No one can possibly relax and have a good time in a cramped up area. When you’re in this kind of environment, your mind will be stressed out thinking how and when can you rearrange the entire space better. Make sure that this kind of situation doesn’t happen in your own living room by paying attention to your furniture arrangement. Assess the space of your new home and the sizes of the furniture you’re using. If you’re moving to a bigger house and you’ll be using the same pieces of furniture, no problem. You’ll probably have the liberty to arrange your living area the way you want it. But on the other side of the coin, if you’re moving to a smaller house, consider selling or using smaller pieces of furniture. You can also opt to use furniture which has a dual purpose, as well.


3.Display family photographs.

As mentioned, you will welcome your guests and family members in your living area. This is the part of the house where you’ll meet the most number of people. You can transform your living room into a relaxing space by displaying family photographs. You can do this by placing pictures on top of the tables or hanging them in the walls. No matter how you do it, these photographs can become a great focal point in your living room. These photographs can also become a great ice breaker when you’re meeting with acquaintances for the first time!


4.Create a cozy corner.

As a homeowner, you have the opportunity to design your new house with your unique style and preference. You have the privilege of upgrading your living area to become your own personal space. If you’re running out of ideas on how to do this, think about creating a cozy corner in your living area. If you’re someone who loves books, gather different pillows into one couch on the side of the room. If you’re fond of playing the piano, showcase the instrument by using a platform and pendant light in the living room.


5.Bring plants to your living room.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know how useful plants are. Seeing this kind of green can immediately alleviate your mood while reducing stress. Instead of going out to smell the flowers (figuratively and literally), place these plants inside your living room. There are several plants which can thrive indoors and doesn’t require too much watering. Choose a plant which suits your home’s theme, and for sure, these will significantly improve the entire ambiance of your living room!


Know The Do’s And Don’ts

Aside from the packing and unpacking, making your house feel like a home is one of the biggest challenges any mover can have. As a homeowner, you should work on transforming your house to become a home so your entire household will feel safe and comfortable whenever they’re inside. Completing this goal might be challenging and overwhelming (especially if you’re too exhausted from moving) but knowing what to do and not to do go a long way. Follow the tips from this article and pretty soon, your home will turn into a relaxing and calm sanctuary!

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Choosing the Right Furniture for your Home

Whether you’re redecorating a room or just setting up housekeeping, choosing the right furniture is very important. The choice as to whether you should buy contemporary furniture or something a little more casual will greatly depend on your budget, lifestyle and your other furniture and accessories. 

Matches your Décor 

The biggest consideration when choosing new furniture is finding pieces that are a match for your existing décor. You’ll want to make sure the furniture you choose blends with the other pieces you have – a piece of modern furniture will look very out of place in a room that is dominated by antique pieces. It’s acceptable to mix and match colours and even different types of fabric, provided that the basic style among your chosen pieces remains the same.


The material your furniture is covered in is also an important factor to consider. If you’re going for a more elegant look, contemporary furniture finished in leather or suede may be the ideal choice for you. On the other hand, upholstered furniture may be a better option if you are trying to establish a more casual look in a room. Think about whether you have children or pets when choosing a covering, as some are more resistant to stains and pet hair than others are. Light coloured furniture is generally not a good idea whenever there are small children in a household.


The budget you have established for furniture will also dictate how much money you are able to spend on it. Generally speaking, the more a piece of furniture costs, the higher the quality of that piece will be. However, this doesn’t mean that will not be able to purchase good quality furniture if you have limited funds. You can often find good quality used pieces at a fraction of the cost of new furniture by visiting thrift shops, estate sales or looking at the local want ads. Even if you decide to purchase new furniture, you should still do quite a bit of comparison shopping in order to ensure that you have found the best deal possible.

Deciding between Designer or Standard Furniture 

You may be wondering whether or not you should choose designer furniture for your home. This will largely depend on your individual tastes as well as your budget. If you plan to keep your furniture for a long period of time and have the money to invest in it, this is something you may want to consider. Many times, designer pieces will actually appreciate over time, so you could consider buying this furniture as somewhat of an investment. If you are likely to change your decorating scheme again in a few years though, or are on a limited budget, you may want to wait a bit to purchase designer furniture or opt for standard furnishings instead.

The decision as to whether to buy antique, modern, or contemporary furniture should not be taken lightly. Look at several different styles in order to find pieces that seem to grab your attention from the very beginning. When you’ve found the right furniture, chances are that you won’t want to keep looking, because you’ll already know you have found exactly what you have been looking for.


Top 4 Reasons To Use Furniture Storage Space

ShuttersStorage and space issues are problems for many households today and, for a number of reasons, many residents rid their rooms of furniture to incorporate redecorated home style or scale back property size. Combat these hectic times by enlisting the help of a home storage provider like Len Lothian Store & More, who offer domestic storage facilities across Edinburgh and Glasgow. Read on to discover why to choose secure storage room, where your furniture can be kept safe in a storage locker and not discarded into a skip.


Seasonal Storage

As the harsh winter weather draws in, opportunities to relax in the garden are diminished, meaning outdoor garden furniture is vulnerable to inclement weather elements. Even with protective materials and covers, garden furniture is susceptible to rain and frost. Temporary storage units provide ideal shield for patio furniture, since many homes do not have adequate storage space. A reliable self-storage company can help.



Rising property prices, coupled with ongoing financial problems, have unfortunately caused many people to downsize. Those expectant of a return to a larger property often turn to the services of a storage company such as Len Lothian Store & More to stock surplus furniture and domestic possessions. Hiring storage space is a much more cost-effective solution than buying expensive new furniture at a later date.



The appeal of minimalism is reflected in the lack of clutter and open spaces offered by furnishing one’s home in a simple manner. Does this style suit your tastes? An overabundance of furniture counters the reductive nature of minimalism. A professional self-storage service can help you achieve the minimalist effect you desire, and with Len Lothian offering flexible storage and removal rates, putting the furniture you don’t need into storage has never been easier.



Home improvement work creates dust, mess and debris that can compromise the condition of your furniture. Some DIY enthusiasts try to cover all of their furniture with dust sheets for protection, but the only way to totally preserve quality is to remove them from the home until the DIY work is complete – this is made possible with the use of a storage facility. If you are intent on keeping your furniture in your home while you carry out the project, Len Lothian’s online store also provides a range of dust covers, as well as other essential packing items.

Storage facilities come in all shapes and sizes, and whatever reason you have for wishing to store your furniture, you can be sure that Len Lothian Store & More will be able to accommodate your needs. With their 24-hour CCTV facilities and affordable prices, furniture storage really is the future!


Add a pop of colour to the home with the right furnishings

Summer is here and now is a good time to add a pop of colour to the home to add a splash of personality and fun. Summer is associated with bright and vibrant colour which is why adding a summer vibe to the home is vitally essential to ensure it suits each new season as it comes.

There are many ways to add colour to the home without redecorating the walls and this can be done through the use of bold chairs, cushions, wall art, clocks and other items of furniture.

Many furniture stores cater a selection of summer themed pieces but one that really stands out from them all is a furniture store called, Fusion Living who provide a range of contemporary, chic and high quality styles which each will provide a burst of colour and energy to the home.

Some of the top picks from Fusion Living which would suit many rooms in the home include the following:

Bar stools are great for the kitchen as they are perfect to keep with the breakfast bar or next to the work countertops to ensure the kitchen can be a social and extremely colourful gathering for friends and family.


Next up is armchairs as not only are they a timeless items of furniture but this stylishly striped slipper armchair with multicolour will make the perfect and vibrant addition to a living room or even a bedroom.


Accessories are a fantastic way do dress up and add a touch of bold style to the home and these Malini cushions will do just that if they are scattered across the sofa, bed or even as cushions or dining room chairs.




Lighting is a great way to add a summer glow to many rooms in the home and these can be purchased in many shades of colours so not only do they brighten the room but they will also add plenty of style and homeliness.



It’s No ‘Oak’ – The Benefits Of Oak Furniture

When it comes to interior design, everyone strives to discover that intricate balance between contemporary and timeless, style and comfort, luxury and affordability. With a whole host of designs, materials, trends and products at your disposal, crafting your perfect home setting can be half the problem.

What many people want is home that represents them as a person. People want a home that expresses their thoughts, feelings and beliefs in the most stylish and unique way possible. What many people struggle with is combining all the elements that make up interior design – furnishings, colour schemes, textures, designs – and encompassing them in one complete and original look.

One material that is blessed with this ‘timeless’ and ‘harmonising’ quality is one of nature’s most durable and withstanding resources; Oak. A natural hardwood, oak has been used throughout the centuries in the assembly of furniture products. From tables, to chairs, to beds, to wardrobes, medium or natural oak has been the first choice for many manufacturers.


But What Makes Oak Furniture So Desirable?


Test Of Time

Oak is renowned for its tough exterior and durable properties making it the ideal material to make strong and tough furniture.

What many people want is furniture that can combat the demands of life’s wear-and-tear without showing its wounds. It’s resistance to warping when wet as well as the woods ability to absorb water in humid conditions, mean it can be functional in a multitude of environments.


Beautiful Quality

The natural look and feel of oak is something that compliments any interior design. Its bold, brash and elegant sophistication make oak a material that is as desirable as it is functional.

Whether you’re hoping to create a traditional, rustic look or desire a modern and fashionable feel, oak holds the innate ability to harmonise a room with its fine, distinctive and wondrous grain.


Affordable & Stylish

In the competitive world of wooden furniture, finding the right hardwood or softwood can be a problem in itself. Whilst pine furniture offers a less durable option, rich hardwoods like mahogany can be considerably more expensive.

Oak combines both elegance and affordability making your home improvement much more manageable.


Easy To Maintain

Although it is one of the toughest woods around, oak does need a little ‘TLC’ now and then. Suitable for polishing, varnishing and oiling, you can ensure that your oak furniture’s attractive antique finish shines in stature.

It is always worth checking your oak furniture for knocks, chips and scratches upon purchasing and check the quality of dovetails joints. Topped off with a floral design, glass bowl or decorative ornament, you can create a look that encaptures spirit and heritage.


A Look That Will Last A Life-Time

The look, feel and presence that natural wood gives to a room is something that really cannot be replicated. Boasting a tough and hardwearing structure, the addition of oak furniture means that you can create a look that is as beautiful as it is timeless, durable as it is versatile and the perfect way to complete your new interior.


When it comes to Oak Furniture; Furniture4yourhome is an established and reputable pine and oak furniture suppliers who cover an extensive range of oak products for the dining room, living, kitchen and office. 



Cleaning Furniture

Cleaning your furniture regularly goes a long way in maintaining its quality and extending its lifespan. Taking good care of your furniture, keeping it clean and learning to deal with small problems effectively will reduce the need for repairs and replacements in the long run.

Cleaning Furniture

Furniture can be of a lot of different varieties, materials, polishes and so on. To be able to maintain your furniture properly, it is important to understand the different cleaning needs of different materials. It goes without saying that the kind of cleaning routine you use for wooden furniture will be of no use on metal furniture.
Here are some brilliant tips and tricks to help you keep your furniture clean, shiny and looking great.

Let us begin with wooden furniture. To be able to keep all the wooden furniture in your house as good as new, never forget this essential cleaning principle: when it comes to wood, it is the polish or finish on the item and not the variety of wood that determines the kind of cleaning practices SW5 you should adopt. Whether the furniture has an oil coat finish, a layer of varnish, a wax finish, a paint or polish coat or a lacquered coat will determine the kind of cleaning techniques that will work best for it. Spend some time learning to recognise the different kinds of finishes used and the individual characteristics of each to get the most out of your cleaning efforts.

Most wooden furniture items are either polished, lacquered or painted and cleaning them is fairly easy. You only need to wipe them properly with a lightly dampened cloth and this will take any dust or dirt right off the surface. Use some light furniture wax and buff the surface with a soft cloth and you’ll be amazed at the sheen this will bring to the furniture. When it comes to oil finishes, the only thing you need to purchase is an oil-based polish.

Cleaning Furniture2

Most homeowners get confused when it comes to cleaning furniture that has been upholstered with fabric. These can get dirty very easily because fabrics stain fairly quickly and can also get worn out with regular use. Most people tend to neglect such furniture because of all the different materials that have to be attended to.
If the upholstered pieces are in a dark coloured fabric, shampooing them after removing them can work well, but try and avoid this step if the fabric is of a light colour. Shampooing can sometimes darken stains instead of getting them out, and this can look terrible on soft-coloured pieces.

Your best bet would be to tackle any stains or spots the moment they’re caused or you notice them. Letting a stain “sit” will only allow it to get soaked into the fabric deeper and will make it all the more difficult to remove over time. The moment a stain occurs, spot-clean it by taking a soft, clean cloth and dousing it in a stain cleaner (purchase and keep at home at all times) and then scrubbing the stained fabric with it.

Don’t rub too hard, but get the stain cleaner to soak into the fabric properly and then use an absorbent cloth (not the same one that you were using to wipe) and wipe the area clean. Investing in a good quality stain cleaner will be very useful in the long run.
Furniture covered in vinyl or leather is the easiest to clean in Hayes, and thus, is also the most durable. Simply dissolve some mild cleaning soap or detergent in water, soak a soft cloth into the solution and then use it to scrub the surface. If you feel that the leather has lost some of its sheen or softness after cleaning, just polish it with a proper leather-conditioner (easily bought at any furniture store or supermarket) and it’ll look as good as new.


A Comprehensive Guide To Mattress Sizes

The key to getting a good night’s sleep is often to find the right kind of mattress for your needs. Size really does matter when it comes to mattresses though, as sleeping on a bed that you’re too tall for or sharing a bed that isn’t meant for two people can become unbearably uncomfortable before long.

When buying your mattress, make sure you pick the right size for you and for your room.

Best for babies

A small single bed can be the perfect upgrade from a cot for a young child. Small single beds are 2’6″ wide and 6’3″ long. You may want to get one if:

–          Your child is ready to advance to a real bed from a cot.

–          You have a guest bedroom – small singles are the perfect solution to small guest bedroom and adults can comfortably sleep on them.

–          Your child’s room is quite small – small single beds don’t necessarily need to be replaced and can allow for additional storage and floor space in the room.

The norm

A traditionally sized single bed comes in at 3′ wide and 6’3″ long, giving sleepers just six extra inches of space over the small single bed. These beds are perfect for children’s bedrooms and guest rooms and don’t take up much space. Consider buying on if:

–          You only need sleeping space for one person.

–          You’re buying a bed for a child.

–          Your guest bedroom isn’t large enough for a double bed.

A bit more room

Small double beds can easily accommodate two people at 4’0″ wide and 6’3″ long. Those that prefer a bit more personal space may want to go for a larger mattress though. Buy a small double if:

–          You don’t feel the need for a larger bed – small doubles are both comfortable and sensible.

–          Your bedroom is a bit on the small side – if your room isn’t quite large enough for a double then you may be able to get away with a small double bed.

–          You want to buy a double bed for your guest bedroom but you’d like to save on costs – small double beds are often cheaper to buy.

One size larger

The double bed is the traditional choice for couples and those after additional sleeping room. Double mattresses are 4’6″ wide and 6’3″ long and are designed to give two people more than enough room to sleep side-by-side without disturbing one another. Buy one if:

–          You sleep alone and want a little bit of luxury – double beds can allow you to stretch out while sleeping.

–          A small double just isn’t big enough for you and your partner – if you find that you wake each other up, upgrade to a double bed so there’s a bit more space available.

–          Your bedroom is big enough – if your room is big enough there’s no point in making do with a small double when a double would be better.

Fit for a king

King size beds are just that little bit bigger than double beds, but this seemingly small change makes all the difference. These beds are 4’6″ wide and 6’3″ long and would be perfect if:

–          You simply want a bit more space to lounge in.

–          Your room is just a bit bigger so you could easily upgrade to a king size bed without taking up too much floor space.

–          You share your bed with your partner and find a double bed is a bit too cramped.

Big is beautiful

If a double or king bed isn’t good enough for you, you need a super king size bed. These beds are 6’0″ wide and 6’6″ long and are ideal if:

–          You want a bed that allows you to sleep in absolutely any position without having even a toe off the edge of the mattress.

–          You need a larger bed to accommodate two people even more comfortably than a king size would.

–          You have a very large bedroom and need to create a focal point within the room.

Bigger is better

The holy grail of mattresses is definitely the extra-super king. These mattresses are often handmade and are designed for those that require their mattresses to be longer or wider than the standard size mattresses which are available. If you’ve ever had to sleep with your feet sticking off the end of the mattress or have been just an inch from falling out of bed for lack of space, these are the mattresses for you.

They usually come in sizes:

–          6’6″ long

–          7’0″ long

–          7’6″ long

–          And larger – some companies are able to make mattresses completely to measure.

Mattress sizes can seem quite confusing when you go to buy your first bed. However, by taking your preferred sleeping habits, the space you have available, and what kind of bed you’d really like to buy into account, you can get the right one for you.

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What Makes A Squeaky Bed And How Can You Fix It?

Squeaky beds can be incredibly annoying, so much so that some people would probably prefer to buy a new bed frame rather than fixing the problem. However, you can easily repair a squeaky bed frame to ensure you’re finally able to get some peace and quiet!


Why do beds squeak?

A squeaky bed can arise for a number of reasons. Some of the most common issues can include:

–          The age of your bed – as your bed ages it will naturally weaken and could begin to squeak as a result.

–          The materials used in the bed’s construction – metal beds can be notorious for squeaking, as the intersecting pieces of the frame can scrape against one another. Wooden bed frames can still squeak though.

–          The floor – it isn’t always your bed that’s the culprit of those annoying squeaks. If you have wooden floor boards it may be them that are squeaking and not your bed.

–          Your mattress – it may actually be the springs in your mattress that are squeaking.

–          Loose joints – if the hooks keeping your bed frame together come loose they can begin to squeak.


How to locate the squeak

Finding out where the squeak in your bed is coming from will be the first step to fixing the problem.


To do this you should:

–          Sit on the edge of your bed and see whether it squeaks. Do this all along the edges of the mattress on both sides of the bed.

–          Move the headboard back and forth to see if it squeaks.

–          Check the legs of your bed frame to make sure they aren’t loose or crooked.

You may find that your bed squeaks from numerous locations, in which case you should consider combining some of the following solutions:


Metal beds

–          Tighten the screws, nuts and bolts on your bed.

–          Apply a lubricant to the nuts, bolts and joints in your bed – WD-40 should be ideal.

–          Remove all of the nuts and bolts. Then wrap the bolts in sealant tape and put them back into the bed frame. This time, use plastic washers on both sides of the bolt and use a metal nut to hold the bolt in place. This is one of the best ways to stop a squeaky metal bed as it removes metal-on-metal contact.


Wooden beds

–          Make sure that all of the joints are flush.

–          Tighten all of the hooks, screws, nuts and bolts used.

–          Apply a lubricant to the nuts, bolts and joints – you can use either a specialist wood lubricant or a general lubricant.

–          Consider replacing any nails with screws.


Wooden floorboards

If you have wooden floorboards, one of the best ways to stop them from squeaking is to place a thick rug beneath your bed. This can provide a barrier between the floor and your bed.



–          Rotate your mattress – this can change the weight distribution, which can relieve the pressure on the springs at fault.

–          Move around the mattress to find the area in which the squeaking is more prevalent. Then, place a flat object beneath this area to relieve pressure.


And if all else fails…

If you have tried all of the above solutions but haven’t had any joy, it might be time to replace your bed.

A squeaky bed can wake you numerous times in the night if you’re a light sleeper, and it can be a great source of annoyance. There are many ways to fix a squeaky bed though, so you can begin getting a good night’s sleep in no time.


This post was provided by Anglia Home Furnishings, a regional company specialising in furniture and carpeting.


Modern Desks for Modern Offices

Today’s offices have ventured outside of large corporate buildings. Many people work from home and whether it’s through a large corporation or a small business; home offices are steadily working their way into the business world. While the size of the home office space varies, proper work area and equipment is still a must and there is always a way to set up and organize.

Small Office Spaces

When setting up a home office in an apartment or other small space, there is a question of how to do it without taking up too much room and without being too cluttered. There are actually several ideas. To begin with, there are modern office desks that are specifically designed for small spaces. There are different styles of desks that fold up when not in use. Just like other small desks, these have room for a computer.
Another option would be a desk with casters (rollers) on it. There are a variety of these. Some are larger in size but will fit against a wall when not in use and there is also the portable work station. These are anywhere from a small table just big enough for a laptop, to stations that will fit a computer and can be moved wherever they need to go.
Where to put a desk or home office in a small space?? Anywhere that isn’t being used. A closet could hold floating shelves and a chair, or if big enough, it could hold a desk. A corner of a room could be set up as a home office as could extra space in a utility room. Even if it can’t fit a full desk, a small area can be equipped with shelves that would work as a home office.
Medium/Large Sized Spaces

For those with a little more room to spare, there is the option of having an entire room as an office. Office desks have changed over the years, they aren’t just wood or metal anymore. Some are leather and come in vivid colors, but whatever a style may be; there is an office desk to suit it. They come with as little or as much storage space as needed and in more than one straight shape. Whether your office space is in a small extra bedroom or a whole basement or den area, the right office desk can help your home office run smoothly and efficiently. With more office space, there is an endless supply of ideas on how to arrange your office furniture. Be creative and make it your own!
A great benefit of modern office desks is that they can easily fit into small spaces or large spaces. They can be situated against a wall, in a closet, or even in the middle of the room. As long as they suit the needs of the user, they have done their job!


Modern Furniture Hire Melbourne – Increasing Your Home’s Aesthetic Value

There always a big difference between a house and a home. In mathematical terms a home is equal to the summation of a house made of bricks and the aesthetic value involved in it. As far the ornamental decoration is concerned, furniture plays a hefty role in determining the beauty of the home. In cities like Melbourne where people attach a lot of concern for  decoration and furnishing, furniture hire showrooms and shops are coming up with more lucrative and eye catching pattern of furniture designs.


Furniture Hire & Rent Services –

If you are looking to sell your home along with its furnishings and decorations, then modern furniture hire Melbourne is right service that would turn your house to ‘ready for sale’. There are a variety of showrooms, decoration and furnishing centers that take up the job to fully furnish your house with modern and trendy patterns and designs of furniture. These showrooms provide specialization to cater to every kind of homes with vast field experience in designing the right furniture and accessories that complement every type of homes. There are other services like the furniture rental packages that provide you with exclusive furniture samples for value adding purpose during presentation for sale. These packages are helpful not only adding value to your property and house but also ensures higher returns for the property value along with speedy process of the sale. There are a numerous number of furniture hire services in Melbourne that provide both short term as well as long term furniture rental for property sale, display and home relocation.


Expert Consultancy and Style Solutions –

These companies have expert consultants who find out solutions according to the taste and requirement of the clients. They complement the theme and lifestyle of the clients to provide designs and solutions for the home. They have a wide range of furnishings and accessories to suit your requirements.


Eco-friendly Solutions Guaranteed –

With environmental issues being the major concern, the modern furniture hire Melbourne aim at providing solutions that helps to preserve our global environment. Their practices include energy efficient methods, maximum utilization of sustainable, eco friendly materials and long utility products that have reduced effects on the environment.


Prices –

There is an extensive range of prices of various furniture designs that would help the customers to select according to their needs. There are some companies such as modern furniture hire Melbourne which guarantee to be un-beaten on price in order to enhance the rate of client figures. The furniture rental service is simple with backup service and service guarantee as well. The prices vary from $1800 to $3000 along with some exclusive discounts offers that helps you to control your budget.


Furniture hire services in Melbourne have extensive networks with a number of showrooms and design companies that lend services with expert professionalism and help you gain higher returns from your house or property