Easy Coffee Table Decoration Ideas to Complete Your Room


You want to jazz up your living room to make it more appealing and are looking for ways to add interest to this area. What you decide to do must reflect your unique preferences and personality. One great addition to top this piece of furniture is some type of coffee table arrangement. This will provide a focal point as family and guests enter the room. The arrangement on this table could consist of:


Coffee table books are the perfect way to dress up this area. These books could feature interests such as photography, architecture, or art. Or they could reflect the season and display volumes of Christmas, Hannukah, or even Veteran’s Day editions. The great aspect of books is that they can be easily switched out with the changing seasons and your changing hobbies. Guests will be able to browse through these volumes while relaxing in your living room. Stack them up to provide even more of a focal point or spread them out to give everyone a view of your interests at any one particular moment in time. They will help provide color, texture, and a visual hot spot to this room. If it is a very casual room, you can even add magazines on the same or other complementing topics.


Your coffee table can be a wonderful showplace for unique and/or authentic pieces of art. They can be sculptures of animals or people, colorful paperweights, or even a collection of other interesting pieces. This artwork can be the creations of local artisans, famous sculptures, or even your four-year-old pre-schooler. Arrange the artwork so that conversation can still effortlessly take place, and the television can still be viewed. If there are small children in the home, be sure that the sculptures and other artwork are unbreakable.


For a truly classic appeal, consider a fresh flower arrangement for this table. If you use the room often, you may want to display this colorful foliage all of the time and switch the arrangement out as needed. If your needs are more seasonal, just order the arrangements ahead of time, being very specific about the colors and flowers used, and just place it on this table for family, guests, and friends to enjoy during special parties and gatherings. Be sure to describe the shape and size of this table so the arrangements can fit on the tabletop perfectly. Melbourne Flower Delivery can ensure that you are provided the freshest and most unique arrangements available. You will be so happy with the visual elements and the delicate scents these flowers bring to this room.

As you can see, decorating this table does not have to be a huge challenge. What you decide on can be easily switched out during the different seasons and holidays. Shake it up and try all three suggestions at some time during the year.


Decorating A Small Room In A Modern And More Tempting Way


Setting up a new house is a very interesting and a fun-filled task. Many people enjoy decorating small corners; others enjoy canvassing their ideas on the walls. But if you are having a small house the major task becomes to manage it in such a way that the space is utilized effectively. For this you have to be very careful about picking up furniture and other decorative items.

First of all try to pick furniture that is not too large. Low height and small size furniture would make the room look more spacious. Pick out a queen size bed with a chest under it so that you can put quilts and beddings under it. Also purchase side tables and a dressing with drawers and small cabinets, you can use these for keeping small things that might clutter your rooms if put openly. Also you can buy sofa convertible beds to place in the living rooms. In this way your living room might also serve the purpose of a guest bed.

Use a wall mounted television to place in the living room. Similarly you can use vertical shelves to adjust small decorative items. This would save more space and that area would look more organized and clean instead of a clutter. Also use small and beautiful wall mounted containers that match your room décor, as they can also be used to keep important stuff as bills and invoices.

If you are also having a kid’s play area, try to keep only the toys that your kids play with. Give away all the extra toys as charity. Get a storage box for your kids that can serve the purpose of a toy box as well as a sitting bench. Keep all the books on a vertical shelf and hang it over your child’s writing table.

Adding mirrors and glass to the rooms would give your house a feeling of spaciousness from inside. Also you can add plants at different corners which would add color and freshness to the area. You can also use small hanging pots with plants in it near the entrance as it gives the house a welcoming and cheerful effect.

Another most important point is the lightning of the house. To make your house look open and big, you have to make sure that all the areas especially the corners are well lit. If the sunlight doesn’t reach that area, use a small spot light or a chandelier which would enhance that area. Hence you would realize that implementing small ideas can change the whole look and effect of your house.

Author Bio:

Anthony Powell is a professional interior designer and content writer. He holds a great reputation for his work that he have done in his several year experience. Currently he is working for photos to canvas UK based company. Here they offer best quality canvas prints online for the wall display to create the right match for the perfect ambiance.


Ideas For Decorating Your Home With Blackboards

Are you looking to spruce up your home without breaking the bank? Blackboards might not seem like an obvious choice for home decorating but have a read of some of the ideas below and see what you think. You might just like them!

Current trends

Kitchen blackboards have become very popular in recent years, especially with the rise in popularity of ‘country-chic’ and ‘retro’ styles. There are so many available that there is sure to be one to complement any home. Some might prefer to have a small, wall hanging kitchen notice board simply for jotting down a shopping list or a recipe. Or others might prefer something a bit larger, perhaps a magnetic blackboard that can be used to display photos, pictures or to keep track of pieces of paper such as receipts, vouchers or letters. You might even find homes where people have transformed an entire wall of their kitchen into a blackboard, although this is more commonly seen in contemporary restaurants. Let’s take a look at some of the blackboards that might be ideal for your home.

Magnetic blackboards

Magnetic blackboards are one of the most popular blackboards for the home. This is because not only can they be drawn on, you can also use it for decoration. It’s really fun to get the kids involved in choosing new pictures each month that can be put up and because you can write on the boards too, you could leave little comments next to each picture or draw smiley faces! Your blackboard can be used again and again and is a fun thing to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Create a blackboard table

If you’re feeling particularly creative you could attach a blackboard to the top of your table. This has been seen in retro or alternative styled cafes and bars but works just as well in the home. The blackboard material protects your actual table from being damaged or hides existing scratches from sight. Again this is a great idea for kids as they can have something to doodle on while they wait for their dinner.

The best thing about this idea is that it needn’t be a brand new blackboard. A second-hand board will do just fine and can simply be replaced again once it’s past its prime! Simply nail or bracket the blackboard to your table and away you go.

Blackboards for home study or work

Finally, if you study or work at home, a blackboard provides a great space for brainstorming as an alternative to a whiteboard. Modern liquid chalks won’t mess your study up with dust and can easily be erased if you decide against one of your ideas. Blackboards do tend to be slightly cheaper than a whiteboard of similar quality and with certain styles can look fantastic.

Author Bio: Shirley West is the owner of Moores Message Boards, a UK manufacturer of blackboards and notice boards since 1977. Shirley and her team pride themselves on making all of their wooden framed blackboards in their factory in Norfolk, helping to keep British manufacture alive.


Christmas Is Coming: Is Your Home Ready?

Before we know it, it’ll be time to deck the halls with boughs of holly and hang your stockings up on the fireplace. For many, Christmas day is a time to rest and relax with family and close friends, but the run up can be stressful if you haven’t figured out how long it’ll take to get your home ready. Christmas preparations often include more than putting up a few lights and a tree; if you’re entertaining at your home you’ll want it looking its best.

A glistening bathroom

When you’re using your bathroom each and every day, it’s easy to become immune to the sight of mould, cracks and grime. However, there are some things that even a deep clean won’t completely sort out, and mould is one of them. One of the easiest ways to brighten up your bathroom is to remove old sealant and replace it with new. Buy a silicone sealant that is waterproof, flexible and has anti-bacterial properties built in; it should maximise its life without you having to replace again next year.

Perfect plumbing

It’s all very well getting your bathroom to look good, but don’t forget to make sure that it works too! It’s likely that it’ll get used a bit more when you have guests, so unclog your drains and make sure you don’t flush anything that shouldn’t be down the toilet. Leaking taps will cost you more money in water bills so get these sorted as soon as you can. The last plumbing consideration is to make sure that your central heating system is working smoothly for the colder period.

Safety and security

When we have expensive Christmas presents all wrapped and ready to go in our homes, the last thing we want is someone compromising our home security. Take all of the usual precautions like leaving lights on and keeping presents out of sight from windows. You might also want to think about installing a security system or adding extra locks to doors and windows.

Outdoor decorations

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the outdoor decorations though! It might save a bit of time next year if you put up some clips or holders using weatherproof stainless steel screws; A2 grade should be sufficient but choose A4 grade if you live in an area of high pollution or near the coast. Hopefully this will result in less time up a ladder in the long run.

About the author: Paul Droylson is a DIY enthusiast based in the North West of the UK. He likes the DIY benefits associated with seasonal events, especially Christmas.

Decoration Design

5 Housing Decoration Trends That Will NEVER Go Out Of Style

Being on trend is all well and good. Keeping up with the times is a lovely status symbol. But sometimes it’s just impossible to afford to remodel your home for every passing trend. Sometimes it’s necessary to deck your home out in a timeless style. I like to check out local real estate – Epping is my new fab find – to take a peek at the décor. Is it trendy or timeless? What ideas can I steal? Some homes know how to toe the line between on trend and classic styling. And some don’t. Here are some that will never go out of style.

Classic kitchen cabinets

White kitchen cabinets will always be on trend. Red may be a colour that really pops this season, but that doesn’t mean that it will stay in. Fads change, but white – white is the go-to colour for any decorating scheme: white and the smell of eucalypt. Bliss!

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is as chic as ever. Carpet colours and patterned tile flooring never stay in season, but quality hardwood flooring adds real character to your home without ever being daggy.

Hardwood flooring

Books, books, books

And what about the smaller things? The little things? Having a wooden bookcase full of books will never go out of style. Neither will having plants and flowers scattered around the house. They add some real colour and vivacity to any room. Try and pick timeless books to show off on your shelves, as well as the latest bestsellers. Anything goes really, as long as everything is displayed and arranged neatly (cluttered bookshelves are a big no no). Always pick in season flowers, ones that look beautiful and will last more than just an evening.

Unique antiques

Classy antiques and beautiful art pieces are never dated. Make sure, however, that they fit with the overall look and feel of your room. Don’t pair grandma’s old wooden dresser with new, sleek Ikea furniture. It’s just not a good look. Instead pick up furniture that matches well.

Your personal taste

Putting together pieces that you like will always be on trend, because it’s really important that you know what works best for you and is really functional. You can make disparate items work if they share a common thread, like a common colour or texture.

Keep these tips in mind, and be prepared for all your friends to compliment you on your retro-chic interior decorations and you can smile to yourself with the knowledge that your home is classic and timeless. It’ll still look as charming as ever in twenty years’ time.

Author bio: Lena Perry has a little bit of real estate. Epping is where she can bask in the smell of eucalypt.