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Why Clean Indoor Air is Essential in All Homes

Everybody loves receiving flowers. They brighten homes, positively impact your mood and generally add a touch of life to any room. But sadly, they always die. There’s nothing you can do about it, other than purchasing plastic plants. And let’s be honest, those just don’t cut it. But, there could be a sinister reason behind the premature death of your flowers – and the key to saving them could be in your air conditioning.

Why Clean Indoor Air is Essential in All Homes

We’ve all heard of the term “canary in a coalmine”, coming from the days of mining where they would bring a small bird into the mine to measure when the air gets too toxic. When the canary dies, the miners knew that it was time to get out of there quickly.

Plants are similar in this way. They’re more sensitive to air quality than humans are. They don’t have the biological systems we do to filter toxins and other pollutants from the good stuff we need – obviously. Thus, if plants are dying quickly, it could be due to the low air quality in your home.

Don’t be alarmed! This doesn’t mean that because your plants don’t live long that your air is toxic. It means that it’s not as fresh as it could be. Simple steps can be taken to make a huge difference to your indoor air quality. This can help you avoid irritating asthma or hay fever symptoms that may aggravate you on occasion.

Chemicals in our home that we use for a huge range of things can have a negative impact on our health. Cleaning and cooking products, aerosols and other factors can make a difference to what we’re breathing in.

We spend a lot of time indoors, and we want to make sure that we’re getting the best kind of air for the best health. Indoor plants can help create cleaner indoor air (as they produce pure oxygen). If you make a great environment for them to thrive in, they’ll help you out too!

Consider what the best options are for your unique home to optimise clean indoor air. These methods don’t have to be expense, so look into it and find the best solution to help you breathe better air.

You may want to consider implementing the method you decide on in your office as well. Anywhere where a lot of people spend time breathing the air needs to be a clean and healthy environment. Making the best choices will help everyone feel, look and work there best.


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Cooling your home the Eco-friendly way

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 2.55.47 PMWhile many of us are happy to adopt a green, back to basics approach with some of the more convenient aspects of modern life, when it comes to staying cool during Summer’s heat waves, many of us shy away from the simple solutions in favour of the comforts of a big, energy guzzling air conditioning unit.

Understandably so. Many regions of Australia experience long, scorching Summers, and overheating bodies do strange things- watch endless re-runs of Home and Away, stare mindlessly at immobile moths on the ceiling, become Bob Katter (that’s the only explanation for him. He is, after all, from Queensland) Weatherworld are here to tell you that you can both keep your wits about you in the heat, and be kind to our increasingly delicate planet.

First, let’s start with the basics. My partner, quite inexplicably, believes in throwing open the doors on days of stifling heat. This is the absolute, number one no no. Not only should you keep all windows and doors shut on hot days, you should ensure there are no leaks or draughts through which hot air can penetrate the home. It’s fine to air out the house early in the morning- pre-9am- but after that time, and as soon as the sun begins to beam, shut it al up again. It’s also important to draw all curtains and blinds to minimise the amount of sunlight that creeps in. UV sheeting is cheap as chips and highly effective at reducing the heat in rooms exposed to constant sunlight. It’s also simple enough to install that your guinea pig could probably manage it.

You needn’t do without the comfort of air conditioning, either. Evaporative cooling is relatively cheap to install, very low-cost to run, and provides safe, gentle, and effective relief from the heat.


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Facts You Should Know About Central Air Conditioning Repair

Summary: If you have a central air conditioner in your home, you may face problems with the contraption at point of time. To make it sure that you make the most out of an air conditioning repair expert have a clear understanding of some crucial issues as well as solutions related to AC repair.


If you have a central air conditioner in your home, you should know that you might encounter some acute problems with the contraption at any given point of time. You are sure to reach the height of irritation and intense feeling of disgust if it happens in summer times. Calling in an air conditioning repair pro is essential in such a situation. To make it sure that you make the most out of the professional you need to have a clear understanding of some crucial issues as well as solutions related to AC repair.


AC machine not turning on

You might occasionally encounter this problem with your contraption. In most cases, it happens when the contraption faces an issue with the fuse or the brown circuit breaker. At the same time, the problem might trigger if the internal switch gets off by any chance or if the thermostat becomes faulty. In such a situation, the intervention of a seasoned professional is essential. Before you hire the air conditioning repair expert, you should make it a point to check whether the thermostat is set in cool mode or in off mode. If you have some experience with the contraption, you can check whether the 240 volt double circuit breaker is properly functioning to control the compressor as well as the unit. Make it sure that you have thoroughly checked out the overflow tray, condensate drain, switches including the external switch for safety purpose. If you feel the issue is serious do not try your hands on it. Leave the job for the pro.


Malfunctioning dehumidify system

You might face this issue with your air conditioner if the system is oversized for your house. The oversize issue might cause serious malfunctioning in the dehumidify system of your contraption. In general the cooling coil of the oversize AC is a significant part that happens to be at the back of the dehumidify trouble. Once you find the trouble you need a feasible solution and it is in the hands of a professional only. A seasoned air conditioning repair guy must look into the trouble and do the needful to increase the capacity of cooling load. In order to make it sure that the trouble does not repeat once again an additional ductwork might be necessary.


Short cycling compressors

The trouble of short cycling compressors has been faced by a number of homeowners. Because of this kind of a trouble in your compressor you might find that the compressors tends to turn on as well as turn off very recurrently causing a good amount of trouble for you. This kind of a trouble gives indication of an obstructed thermostat. When it happens you need to check whether the obstruction is caused by dirt or some object. You should also see whether there is any refrigerant leak. In case the trouble is caused by dirt you can get the dirt removed by yourself. If the trouble is caused by refrigeration charge as well as refrigeration leak you require the services of a technician immediately.

Make it a point that you keep these essentials aspects pertaining to central air conditioning repair issues and solutions in mind. They are truly going to come handy when you are about to call in a pro to do the repair job.


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A Guide To Basic Air Compressor Maintenance

Even if you’re only hiring air compressors, rather than buying one, you should still be aware of how to carry out basic maintenance tasks – especially if you’ll be leasing the machinery for a few weeks or months at a time.

Although it’s highly unlikely that any compressor you hire will arrive with a problem, it’s better to give the equipment a brief inspection before you use it, just to be certain.

One of the main reasons to carry out routine maintenance on a compressor is to reduce the likelihood of it breaking during the work, which could significantly delay your project and push costs higher.

Here are a few things you can do to keep your compressor in good condition:

Clean the inlet filter

An air compressor has to suck in air in order to function and, if the inlet valve gets clogged or dirty, it can put a strain on the rest of the system as it is unable to supply a sufficient volume of air to work effectively. Check the inlet filter regularly and clean it whenever it looks as though it is getting dirty.

Empty the receiver tanks

As the machinery compresses the air, moisture gathers in the receiver tank, which needs to be drained on a regular basis. Usually, it will simply be a case of opening the valve to let the water out, although you need to make sure you depressurise the tank before you do this.

Check all the hoses

One of the potential weak points in a compressor is its hoses, which can get corroded or cracked, which will mean the equipment won’t function properly and could even fail completely.

Simply looking over the hoses regularly should be enough, while making sure they aren’t left lying around on the ground or in places where they can get trodden on will help keep them in good condition.

Tighten loose parts

Certain parts of an air compressor, such as bolts and screws, can become loose through day-to-day use because the machine vibrates when it is being operated. It’s therefore vital that you check all the fastenings regularly and tighten any that have become loose.

Change the oil regularly

Just like any other mechanical equipment, you need to change the oil to keep all the parts properly lubricated and make sure they operate to their maximum efficiency. As a general rule,

you’ll need to do an oil change every 500 to 1,000 hours of use, although you should check this on a daily basis to be certain there are no leaks anywhere in the system.

Clean the heat exchangers

The heat exchangers are designed to keep the temperature at which your air compressor works down, which improves its efficiency and ensures the components don’t overheat. If your heat exchangers get too dirty, they won’t be able to operate effectively, which will, in turn, affect the performance of the compressor.

Only clean these when the machine is not in use and has had time to cool down since it was last switched on, though.

Check the safety shutdown system

The majority of air compressors will be fitted with an emergency shut off system in the event that the equipment overheats or runs low on oil. It’s important to check this is working as it should be, otherwise you could cause serious damage to the components in the compressor and potentially need to replace certain parts.

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Central Air Conditioning Advice [Guest Post]

If you have multiple AC units that are using a lot of electricity or you may also be experiencing a lot of humidity. This is why it is a important that you consider using the best central air conditioners for your needs. A Central AC unit is basically a type of cooling system which is able to cool more than two rooms in the house. They are referred to as central air in United States or air-con in the United Kingdom. An air conditioner usually circulates dehumidified or cooled air through the ductwork to the different rooms. It also uses ductwork and air handlers to deliver cool air.

Air Conditioning

How AC Works

Central AC Units make use of refrigeration to cool the air circulating in a room.

When you use a split system air conditioner, it has a condenser and compressor outdoors and the evaporator unit is placed on the furnace or air handler. All the components are combined in one outdoor unit when using a package A/C system.

Best central air units usually get air from the rooms through return air ductwork, filters, cools and dehumidifies it then takes it back to the rooms. A thermostat usually controls the A/C unit by turning it on and off when needed.

Buying a Central AC Unit for your Home

Air conditioners will definitely have an impact on how you live as well as how you pay your bills. It is good to do your research when looking to choose a good AC unit because it can really affect your bills. Choose one which is efficient when it comes to cooling your home but make sure it is not too expensive to operate.
AC Problems & Repair

If your air conditioner stops working, do your own troubleshooting before getting an expert to repair it. If it happens to be inefficient in cooling, it may just require some basic maintenance. It may also fail to switch on because of an issue with the circuit breaker. There are times when it is just the thermostat that has a problem so it is good to troubleshoot.

Air Conditioner Cost & Installation

Professionals usually install all central air conditioners and this is usually quoted along with the price of the equipment. In cases where retrofitting has to be done to an existing home, the cost may be higher because the ductwork has to be run under the floor and through the attic from the air handler. Installations cost around a few grand, but you can get a good price if you get a free estimate from air conditioning companies in your local area. You can around three bids if you are looking to get a good value for your money. You can resort to buying one or more air conditioners if this installation budget is too much for you.