home insurance

The Definitive Guide to Home Insurance Jargon

If you are looking for home insurance you might be confused about all the terminology. This guide will help you learn the language to help you make all the right choices to properly protect your home. Accidental Building Damage Unlike buildings insurance, this is damage caused by you to your home. Some examples are broken […]

Bathroom Infographic

Brits in the bathroom

The bathroom is often the central point of a home, with every member of a household spending plenty of time there. From getting ready for work or a night out to simply unwinding after a long day, a bathroom suite is a key area for the whole family. But just how do we behave in […]


The Value Of A Good Roof

Whether you’re looking to sell your home, or simply want to relax in the knowledge that should you come to sell it, you’ll receive a fair price, there is one thing you should be focusing on; the roof. The roof of your home is of the utmost importance; it protects the interior framework from the elements and, with effective […]

Energy Saving

4 Ways of Saving Energy in the Home

Thanks to rising gas and electricity bills, saving energy in the home has never been more paramount. Reducing your home’s overall energy output can actually see you reaping the rewards through lowered energy bills, therefore it comes as no surprise that homeowners across the nation are taking small steps to saving energy in the home. […]